Microsoft resurrects Clippy in new emoji for Windows 11

Microsoft announced a new set of emoji for Windows 11, but like other promised features (see Android subsystem for Windows) they did not arrive in time for the system launch. A couple of months later Microsoft has included it in the latest trial version released to the Insider channel and is expected to reach all users in future updates of the stable version.

No 3D in emoji for Windows 11

The guys from Windows UK overdid it promoting Windows 11 features and on their Twitter account made the staff believe that the new emoji would be 3D. Misleading advertising that, like other times (Microsoft also played the same game at the beginning of the year) was later covered up as “a communication error.”

The head of the Windows Insider Program, Brandon LeBlanc, rectified the announcement and confirmed that the new emoji for Windows 11 would be 2D. And so they are. It must be said by way of explanation, that it is a Limiting the vector graphics format that Microsoft uses to display these characters. While Apple uses bitmaps in macOS to represent their emoji, Redmond uses a vector format for its advantages, it is much more scalable up or down without losing sharpness or detail, but it works better with spot colors.

And it is the case. The characters are in line with the new icon pack created for Windows 11 and the used “Fluent” language. They offer bright and saturated colors, but lack the animation and depth of 3D. We don’t really think it’s a problem for the vast majority of users, but it’s another “promised” feature that won’t come.

But yes with Clippy

Microsoft has delivered on the promise of resurrect Clippy, even if it’s like emoji. The oldest of the place will remember that it was a interactive animated character which as an avatar was included in the Office 97 office suite. It acted as an assistant offering suggestions for use and connecting the general help of the suite. He was cute, but tired as he was. It interrupted the workflow too many times and Microsoft ended up retiring it in Office XP.

Last July, in the middle of a Windows 11 promotion campaign, Microsoft’s main Twitter account proposed bringing Clippy back to replace its clip emoji if the tweet got 20,000 likes. He had quite a few more and Microsoft has complied by incorporating it into the new set.

emoji for windows

The new emoji for Windows 11 are available in the latest build for the Insider channel and if there are no errors in the tests will be incorporated into the stable general release in a future update. They will not be available for Windows 10. More information | Microsoft.

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