Microsoft says Windows Update bug won’t harm your system

For the past few days, the Internet has been echoing a problem affecting thousands of users. Windows Update does not work properly and sometimes displays error message pages.

The Windows 11 home page on a laptop PC / Credit: 123rf

Since the February 2023 Patch Tuesday for Windows 11, Microsoft forums have been swarming with messages testifying to a bug that affects Windows Update preventing the download of updates for certain drivers. A very irritating problem that seems to affect many devices of all types and brands. Faced with the number of complaints received, Microsoft wanted to reassure users: these bugs do not risk damaging the system. Patience is key.

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Although Windows 11 is not the most installed OS in the global PC fleet, its adoption is growing. Error 0x80070103 communicated by Microsoft affects configurations running Windows 11 22H2. According to a representative of the Redmond firm, “the error appears because Windows Update is trying to install a component that is already present. Beyond the display of the error message, it should not impact the use of your computer “. No worries then, despite the sometimes long list of uninstalled drivers, everything is fine.

Microsoft wants to be reassuring, the Windows Update bug is just a notification problem

Note that the company gave no details about the origin of this bug, however innocent it may be. There is currently no official way to avoid the avalanche of messages of error. Some Internet users, and even Intel, advise stopping Windows 11 updates until the situation calms down, the easiest way being to simply ignore all notifications.

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Despite this bug more irritating than actually dangerous, Windows 11 remains an operating system full of qualities. While Microsoft imposes certain hardware conditions to be able to install it, it is entitled to a light version for the less powerful computers, named Tiny11.

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