Microsoft Security Experts makes security experts available to businesses

microsoft has decided to put its security experts within the reach of companies with its new service Security Expertsdesigned to help them reinforce their cybersecurity and that stands out for the combination of Artificial Intelligence technologiestrained by experts, with human managed services specialized.

Microsoft’s objective with Security Experts is to offer a category of services that allows companies to protect themselves more effectively, and with the help of a team of highly qualified professionals. The service offers various Microsoft solutions across all product categories: security, compliance, identity, management, and privacy.

In addition, it offers three new managed services that will help organizations defend themselves. The first is Microsoft Defender Experts for Huntingand is a service for customers who have a robust security operations center but want proactive threat hunting service across Microsoft Defender data, Office 365, cloud applications, and identity.

Experts are responsible for investigating what was found, as well as sharing contextual information, with mitigation instructions, to organize a rapid response. With Experts on Demand, companies can, with a single click, talk to an expert about a specific incident, an attack vector or a nation-state actor. They will also get specific recommendations to improve their defenses. Defender Experts for Hunting will be available this summer and is now available for trial on demand.

The second new managed service is Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, a solution for customers who need to expand the capacity of their security operations center. It is a managed detection and response service, extended and applied to Microsoft 365 Defender. He is responsible for investigating alerts, and using automation and human expertise to respond to incidents with the companies’ IT team. Thus, companies can maintain control while reducing costs, excess noise and manual processes. It will be available in a trial version at the end of 2022.

As for the third of the new managed services, it is Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise. Designed for large companies that need more complete managed services and very close and frequent contact with Microsoft experts. This service combines proactive threat hunting and managed XDR, leveraging available security information and event management (SIEM).

Also Microsoft’s XDR stack to protect all cloud environments and platforms. With this service, Microsoft security technicians take care of integration, daily interaction, process modernization, and incident response. It is a solution already available, and it is offered in a personalized way for each company.

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