Microsoft sells refurbished Xbox Series X consoles

Microsoft is trying to make up for the lack of consoles by selling refurbished Xbox Series X. That we remember, it is the first time that Microsoft certifies this type of product and sells it directly in its official store. Do not get excited. They are not available in all for all nor is it cheap.

The launch of the latest generation of video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony it’s been a disaster. After investing a huge amount in marketing, it has simply been almost impossible to buy them. As has happened with graphics cards and processors, the production stoppage due to COVID has played a role, but it is more difficult to sustain the claims of the executives that inventory problems have come “for his great success”.

No; In addition to other troublesome technical issues, chip manufacturing issues, and high demand, neither Microsoft nor Sony have been able to respond to customer needs after many promises. It is a fact that the consoles cannot be found in any retailer.

Microsoft Refurbished Xbox Series X

Perhaps thinking of softening the situation, the Microsoft Store (at the moment only the American one) is offering models refurbished Sold directly by the Redmond firm. Consoles have been inspected, repaired (if any), and tested to Microsoft console standards. They are sold “certified” and with a 12-month guarantee. Additionally, buyers can take advantage of Microsoft’s additional warranty on new models and extend coverage to three years for an additional $49.

The refurbished Xbox Series X is priced at $469. To this must be added the price of at least one game and a command that must be purchased by those who want to access this program. Taking into account the current catalog, the cheapest would be the Monopoly Plus + Monopoly Madness video game ($27.49) and the $54 Xbox Wireless Controller.

Refurbished Xbox Series X

Adding everything up, the customer will have to pay a minimum of $552. Although it is online for prices that move on channels like eBay, it is a high cost even if it is delivered certified with the best guarantees. Don’t get us wrong. Here we are very much in favor of the refurbished product and of extending the equipment to the maximum possible, acting on both hardware and software and thereby lowering prices and reducing the problem of electronic waste that weighs like a slab on the planet.

However, it is difficult to see that Microsoft sells directly second hand consoles (no matter how much reconditioning they have) and at a price that is true is quite high. Hopefully the production/distribution situation improves.

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