Microsoft “shoots with a bullet” in the trial against Apple

Surely you remember that just a few days ago we talked about Microsoft’s input, along with state attorneys from 35 US states, the US Department of Justice, and the Free Software Foundation in the trial between Apple and Epic Games. A contest that has been going on for more than a year, and that, as we have already been telling you throughout all this time, can mark a before and after both in terms of the app stores of the operating systems, as well as to the Apple ecosystem.

Microsoft’s entry into the case, or to be more exact its official entry, as we remember that a few months ago Apple accused Microsoft of being the shadow puppeteer of all this judicial soap opera, occurred with the appearance of a representative of those of Redmond to give testimony, a testimony that, to the surprise of very few, aligned with the position of Epic Games, the plaintiff. Since then, Microsoft has carried out certain movements that can be read in support of Epic.

None as direct, yes, as the document presented by the company last week in court. In it, which we reproduce below, Microsoft questions Apple’s position of power from an interesting prism:

«Online commerce and interpersonal connections are channeled significantly, and sometimes predominantly, through iOS devices”, says Microsoft. «Few companies, perhaps none since AT&T… at the height of its telephone monopoly, have controlled the conduit through which such an enormous range of economic activity flows.«.

Microsoft Amicus Curiae in … by Mike Wuerthele

Microsoft claims that if the original ruling is upheld, the result could be that “insulate Apple from antitrust scrutiny meritorious and emboldened [a Apple para mantener] more disruptive behavior«. The company further concludes that this would mean that “innovation will suffer«.

Undoubtedly, the idea that Apple devices have become, in certain regions of the world, one of the main channels of communication, information and purchase of users is interesting. Apple could argue, however, that its role is to provide the tools for access to those services, not the services themselves. However, Microsoft already answers that point up front:

«Beyond app distribution and in-app payment solutions – the directly adjacent markets at issue in this case –“, says the Microsoft presentation, “Apple offers mobile payments, music, movies and TV, advertising, gaming, health tracking, web browsing, messaging, video chat, news, cloud storage, e-books, smart home devices, wearables and much more.»

Microsoft thus emphasizes that Apple already It is not only a device and software company, it is also a services company.and it is precisely this fenced-in garden ecosystem that Microsoft considers to be an attack against free competition, and therefore should be opened up to allow the entry of elements (stores, payment systems, etc.) from third parties, even at the cost of thus sacrificing the user experience that Apple makes flag.

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