Microsoft stands up to Google with its Bing search engine

Artificial intelligence has unleashed a technological and economic battle between Microsoft and Google. In the coming weeks the outlook for millions of citizens around the world will be altered, and this fight between the two companies will change the way people use the Internet.

The jarring point is in the chatbot. facing bardthe name with which Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been baptized and which was born to deal with the ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, the Microsoft company has announced just a few hours after Google’s announcement, the arrival and presentation of a new search engine and a new browser.

In its announcement, Microsoft has communicated the launch of a new regenerated version of your Bing search enginewhich will take now incorporated a chatbot similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. In just two months since its release, OpenAI’s AI has accumulated more than 100 million unique monthly users.

This will be Bing

The technological multinational Microsoft has shown the world a new way to search for information on the Internet, making it direct competition to Google and its Google Chrome, which until now was the highest reference in Internet searches. The Google search engine gathers 90% of use, while Bing does not even reach 10% of them.

In this way, Microsoft faces Google with a regenerated Bing search engine and a new edge browserwhich also integrates a more advanced and efficient version of language processing, using the possibilities of the AI ​​developed by OpenAI, after having signed a multimillion-dollar investment agreement with it, figures that are around 10,000 million.

The renewed Bing is still available in the testing phase in its web version and you are very limited to only exploring a few test queries. Microsoft has enabled a waiting list in which interested users can sign up to test the search engine. Its mobile version will be released soon with which the company hopes to reach millions of users.

The presence of ChatGPT

Bing offers its users the classic response window of ChatGPTwhich is located in the upper right corner, with an interface very similar to the one created by OpenAI, and also allows consumers to chat with the AI.

Another novelty that adds is that its chatbot Allows you to provide references to the sources used to give the correct answer. In this sense, Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft, explained that “the chat experience allows you to refine your search until you get the complete answer you are looking for, asking for more details, clarity and ideas, with links available.”

Microsoft completes its chatbot with the capacity that it has to generate content, such as writing an email, making a detailed travel plan or consulting you about certain events. And it is that it is fully capable of answering the questions raised, making its handling agile, comfortable and pleasant for the user.

Although the technological market for monopolizing online searches offers other alternatives such as Chinese Baidu or Neeva, it is Microsoft that is ahead in the competition with the almighty Google. Microsoft has not clarified that, yes, when it will be fully operationaland the only clues thrown are that in the coming weeks millions of people will have access.

During his presentation, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated emphatically that “The race starts today, and we’re going fast forward”. And it is that the competition between both companies to capture the attention of the user advances steadily towards the future.

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