Microsoft starts offering access to Bing with ChatGPT

It’s been about a week since Microsoft presented, last Tuesday, its new Bing and Microsoft Edge that will integrate functions with OpenAI technology, marking a turning point both in terms of information seekers on the Internet and web browsers. A very intelligent movement with which those from Redmond have managed to put themselves at the forefront of both markets in terms of innovation. We can bet, and we won’t be wrong, that we are seeing the first steps of a future generation of browsers and search engines in which AI will play a relevant role, and Microsoft has managed to be the first.

It is true that, although we already had news of it weeks ago, and that even images with the design of the new Bing with the chatbot integrated, Google was a day ahead, announcing Bard on Monday of last week, 24 hours before the Microsoft event took place. However, those of Redmond have counterattacked by announcing that they would start offering access to the new Bing imminentlywhile Google has opted for a more cautious policy, with a small selection of “trusted” users who will start by testing a limited version of their AI.

Also, over the past week, we’ve seen Quora fully open up access to Poe, its chatbot of chatbots, Baidu announce ERNIE, and to end the week, we learned that Opera has already given its answer to the AI-based “co-pilot” that will incorporate the new Microsoft Edge. Without a doubt, if one day the history of artificial intelligence is studied, the week from February 6 to 12, 2023 will undoubtedly be considered one of the most relevant moments.

Microsoft starts offering access to Bing with ChatGPT

Now, the announcements and presentations are very interesting, but what the vast majority of users are really waiting for is to be able to test all these new developments for themselves. To this end, in the case of those from Redmond, the company set up a waiting list last week, in which you can sign up at this link and, as we have been able to read today in various media and social networks, Microsoft has already started granting access to the new Bing powered by OpenAI to some users.

There does not seem to be, at least for the moment, a clear pattern that identifies whether Microsoft is using any particular criteria to choose the first testers (beyond, of course, that they have followed its recommendations to obtain faster access) or yes, rather, it is simply being based on your position on the waiting list. What we can expect, based on the company’s own statements during its presentation, is that many new users will be added in the coming weeks.

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