Microsoft Store improves the update function

If we review history, we will see that Microsoft has made a mistake with the Microsoft Store, its app store for Windows. And this is not a personal conclusion, Kevin Gallo, corporate vice president of the Windows Developer Platform, admitted that they had been wrong to bet exclusively on the UWP formatleaving out Win32 applications, a bug that was fixed in the summer of last year.

Along with the arrival of Win32 applications, those from Redmond have carried out over the last year vSeveral moves to make the Microsoft Store more attractive both Windows users and developers. Something quite understandable, because without a doubt in Redmond they observe the importance of app stores in mobile ecosystems, and their aspiration is, if not to reach their numbers, at least get as close as possible.

A clear example of the movements to generate more interest in the Microsoft Store can be found in your changes referred to browsers. A change in its conditions that, in a short time, made both Firefox and Opera GX available through the Microsoft store, to which other very popular applications have also been added, such as the controversial (and precisely because of Microsoft ) CCleaner, or the classic Audacity.

Much more recently, this week we tell you that soon it will be much easier to reinstall the applications that we have obtained in the Microsoft Store, something that can be very practical when reinstalling Windows or changing a PC to a new one, and today we can read in WindowsLatest that the Microsoft Store version of the Windows Insiders Dev channel is testing a new feature, which can also make it even more convenient to use.

The novelty, which insiders can already try, is that Microsoft Store is now able to detect which apps are open and, consequently, at that moment it will not show them in the list of available updates although it is possible to update them. In this way, we will prevent the store from trying to close them, which can result in loss of documents and half-edited files, browsers with tabs that we are using at that time, etc. Or, what is more common, a failure occurs.

Getting the Microsoft Store to gain traction among Windows users is a complex challenge, but the inclusion of other apps in it, and the arrival of Android apps, Microsoft has made some very smart moveswhich can help a lot in that regard. Of course, we are not talking about a sprint, but about a marathon, in which those from Redmond will have to keep up the pace for a while before starting to reap the rewards. Of course, some fruits that can become very, very sweet.

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