Microsoft takes over process mining provider Minit

Microsoft has bought the process mining provider Minit, a Slovak company born in 2017 and since 2020 based in the Netherlands, for an unknown amount. With this step, those from Redmond go from taking small steps in the sector with Power Automate, to having an asset that fully immerses them in the growing sector of process mining. that uses the event logs that exist in the information systems to visualize business processes. By examining these processes, companies can improve their workflows and even save money by eliminating inefficiencies.

Currently, Minit, which employs 50 people, is based in Amsterdam and is dedicated to the development of automated tools for the identification and selection of inefficiencies in business processes. Its purchase is the latest operation in a sector that has experienced a lot of movement in recent days, since just three years ago Celonis confirmed the purchase of one of Minit’s competitors: Process Analytics Factory, which integrates with the visualization platform and Microsoft Power BI data analytics.

When the purchase process for Minit closes, the company will become part of the Microsoft Process Insights team, and its leadership will report to Justin Graham, Head of Process Insights at Microsoft. The company’s workers will remain in their current jobs and offices, and the company will continue to market its current products unchanged for current customers. Those at Redmond are still deciding how Minit’s technology will be integrated into their products.

Graham himself has pointed out that with this purchase, «Microsoft will have more power to help customers digitally transform and drive operational excellence by creating a complete picture of their business processes, enabling all processes to be automatically analyzed and improved. Customers will be able to better understand process data, discover what operations look like in reality, and drive standardization and improvement of processes across the organization to ensure compliance at every step. Today’s announcement further signals Microsoft’s commitment to helping organizations rapidly discover and optimize their business processes by uniting data and execution to unlock powerful insights.«.

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