Microsoft Teams will allow you to configure notifications

The Redmond giant has confirmed two important news that will come to Microsoft Teams. The first goes to the notification center, cknown as “Activity Feed”, and it will allow users to configure in greater detail the options in relation to the type of notifications they want to see, including mentions, responses to messages, reactions to emojis and others.

Obviously, having such a wide range of notifications can end up being exhausting. Therefore, the changes that will come to Microsoft Teams will allow us to refine better what appears in the notification center. Thanks to this new feature, we can directly activate and deactivate reactions, and select only the notifications that we are interested in receiving. This will help us avoid the overload of notifications, and information, that has been taking place.

This new feature is still in development, which means it hasn’t made it to the public version of Microsoft Teams, although it shouldn’t take too long to do so. Most likely it will be available later this month, if all goes according to plan and no major last-minute problems arise.

On the other hand, the company that Satya Nadella runs has also confirmed that the Microsoft Teams store will receive important changes that affect the design and user interface. The objective with this review is to improve workflow, simplify the visualization of applications and services and show those, and those, that are most relevant to our work.

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In that sense, one of the most important changes that we will see will be the new home page, which will show personalized recommendations and will also leave us featured applications that will be adapted to our preferences. On the other hand, we have the categories of applications, which will show us different applications focused on productivity, subscriptions and other interesting solutions for different types of workgroups. (ironman.greaterzion)

The new Microsoft Teams store is expected to becomes generally available at the end of this month, although we do not know the exact day, so be patient.

The microsoft teams store is getting a newer and cleaner look, focus on app discoverability - onmsft.  Com - November 15, 2021

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