Microsoft Teams will debut a compact mode for chats

The Redmond giant continues to work to improve Microsoft Teams, a collaborative work platform that became, as a result of the new normality imposed by COVID-19, one of the most used tools for face the challenges imposed by the new normalityand the growing commitment to telecommuting and the hybrid job (face-to-face and remote).

In recent months, Microsoft Teams has received significant improvements in the form of updates that have been noticeable, and that have made a substantial difference, but this does not mean that the Redmond giant is willing to slow down. Microsoft is planning to release a new update that will introduce a compact mode for chats. Thanks to this mode, it will be possible to reduce the size of the interface, and we can see up to 50% more messages on the screen.

There is no doubt that this compact mode for chats that Microsoft Teams will receive will be very useful for those professionals who, for one reason or another, use the chat of said application frequently, and with many users. On the other hand, this mode will also be especially useful for those who work with laptops that have a small screen, and also for those who screen space is a limited and valuable resourceeven though they have a relatively large screen.

According to Microsoft, this new feature will start rolling out to Microsoft Teams in mid-February. Once it is available, we can activate it by entering the general configuration options, and once there we will have to go to “chat density”, where we must choose the “Compact” option. In the attached image you can see how the new chat looks with the compact mode.

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Although the experience offered by Microsoft Teams regarding the use of chat is, today, quite complete and efficient, there is no doubt that the introduction of this compact mode is a step in the right direction by the Redmond giant , and it will be well received. As an interesting fact, Microsoft recently confirmed that Teams has surpassed the barrier of 270 million users assets, a clear indicator of the success that this platform has had.

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