Microsoft Teams will improve camera and microphone management

The Redmond giant is preparing important changes that will affect Microsoft Teams permission management, and that will focus specifically on how these permissions are managed when they affect third-party applications. It’s a major move that will not only improve privacy, but also give a major boost to security.

Taking a look at the current situation, we find a very clear situation. Permissions in Microsoft Teams are managed, in your desktop version and in mobile applications, in a completely manual way, which means that they already have an efficient and secure system that allows access to the microphone and the camera by third-party applications to be adequately controlled.

However, this does not apply to Microsoft Teams web version, which has a more archaic system, since those Microsoft Teams web users who want to access their microphone, camera and location within third-party applications must configure the device permissions in the same web browser, with all that this implies .

Well, as we have anticipated, to improve the security and privacy of Microsoft Teams in its web version, the Redmond giant will begin to offer very soon that same configuration option that is already available in the mobile and desktop applications. According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, this new feature is square in the security category, and will begin to arrive internationally sometime in February 2022, so be patient, as there is still a bit left before we can start using it in the web version of Microsoft Teams.

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The Teams team has commented on this release:

“For better protect Microsoft Teams third-party applications that request native device permissions, such as camera, microphone, or location access, we will allow users to manually decide whether or not to grant these permissions in the web version of Microsoft Teams. This feature is now available in the Teams desktop and mobile apps.


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