Microsoft Teams will return to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Teams was available for a while as a downloadable app through the Microsoft Store, although that version was limited to Windows 10 S based devicesa version of the well-known Microsoft operating system that, as many of our readers will remember, only allowed you to install applications directly from the official Microsoft store.

That limitation to the Microsoft Store was an important advantage, and that is that added an extra layer of security to the team. In the end, and given the little success that Windows 10 S had, the Redmond giant decided to withdraw the Microsoft Teams application from its official store, and led to an absence that has lasted for about four years.

Thanks to a Microsoft 365 roadmap listing, we know that the Redmond giant is working on a new Microsoft Teams app. It will be available in May this year.and will be compatible with Windows 11 work, education, and consumer accounts, as well as Windows 11 work and education accounts.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear what kind of app or engine Microsoft would use to shape that new app, but it’s very likely that it will end up being a version of the Edge Webview2 Teams app. This first leak seems to point to a new Microsoft Teams app that dropped Electron framework to improve the speed and performance of Teams on Windows.

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There are many users who have been asking Microsoft for years to return Teams to the official application store, so basically we are facing a movement that does nothing more than respond to the demands of the users themselves, that is, it is about a natural movement, without any doubt. On the other hand, the availability of the Microsoft Teams application in Windows 10 for general consumer accounts is a wise move in order to expand its use by this type of user.

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