Microsoft tests privacy auditing for sensitive devices in Windows 11

Nowadays, security and privacy have become two of the fundamental pillars of every user. Fortunately, this task not only falls to us, but some companies like Microsoft are beginning to beef up tools to help users to have more extensive information about their environment.

And is that Microsoft is testing a new “Privacy Audit” feature which would allow Windows 11 users to see which apps have been accessing some of the “sensitive” devices and hardwaresuch as the microphone or the camera, so that we can know not only if an application accesses if we are not using it, but even define when it does.

Although this will not be the only use of this audit tool, since it seems that it could offer Comprehensive control similar to Android and iOS. And it is that beyond his short message, the image recently shared on Twitter by David Westosvice president of security for Windows 11 and Microsoft, shows us some additional details such as the tool will be included within the Privacy & Security section of the System Settings app.

On the other hand, thanks to this screenshot we can see that this new functionality will offer us some additional privacy details in addition to access to the microphone or camera. And it is that it will also allow users to see which applications have access or have accessed other sensitive functions such as screenshots, our messages, the location data of the equipment, and more.

Finally, it should be mentioned that for the moment it is unknown when this new functionality will be available in the public distribution of Windows 11. And it is that at the moment the privacy audit is only available as a test within the Dev Channel’s Windows 11 Insider Preview environment.

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