Microsoft to release Visual Studio 2022 on November 8

Microsoft has announced the release of the final version of Visual Studio 2022 on November 8. The company will hold a virtual event that day where several executives and engineers will offer all the details of this integrated development environment.

Microsoft has also announced the availability of Release Candidate and Preview 5 versions. They are intended for testers and testing and will not differ too much from what the final product will offer, the great development suite of the software giant, compatible with the main programming languages. and web development software.

Visual Studio 2022, features

Since the release announcement last spring, Microsoft promised that the new major version of Visual Studio would be faster, more accessible and lighter, designed for a wide number of users from students starting out in the exciting world of development to large programmers and companies creating solutions on an industrial scale.

The user experience has also been improved and you will feel «cleaner, smarter and more action oriented», Facilitating collaboration with a better GitHub integration in order to bring together the development teams that have dispersed. A native integration that was already released in the previous version of Visual Studio by which developers who wish to can publish code directly in a repository of the great host, remember today also owned by Microsoft.

Among the great novelties of Visual Studio 2022 stands out one that affects the same client, since for the first time it will be an application of 64 bit. This will allow larger and more complex solutions to be moved, and the code editing, solution uploading, and branch switching experience will be faster and more responsive. The goal is to be able to open, edit, run, and debug even the largest and most complex solutions without running out of memory. Obviously, the suite will be able to create both 64-bit and 32-bit applications.

Microsoft has also updated the user interface. Some of the changes are subtle cosmetic touches that modernize the interface or reduce crowding. Overall, the goal is to reduce complexity, decrease cognitive load, and offer better usability for all users. They include updated icons, revamped themes, new fonts, and accessibility improvements.

Other highlighted enhancements summarized are:

  • Better performance for the central debugger.
  • Support for text chat during Live Share sessions.
  • Increased capabilities for the IntelliCode engine.
  • Code search improvements and better asynchronous collaboration.
  • New logic related to making commits.
  • Review of pull requests from platforms like GitHub.

Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022 will have Windows and Mac versions (this one renewed with a native user interface of macOS and integration of the functions of accessibility of the Apple system), and will be compatible with the resources of Azure and C ++ 20, in addition to the complete support for the unified framework in .NET 6 and the cross-platform application UI (MAUI) that can be used to create applications for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

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