Microsoft wants to bring Windows fully to the cloud

We have already seen, in recent years, some moves by Microsoft to bring Windows to the cloud and, in fact, this is already offered in the Redmond service catalog for companies. This fits, of course, in a technological world in which the transition from software to service is a constant, in some cases for the good of the users, since this model provides interesting advantages, but also for the worse in others, since in the latter it is All it does is exchange a one-time payment for a monthly fee.

As I was saying, Microsoft already offers Windows 365 from mid-2021, in the Business and Enterprise modalities, that is to say, that it is directed exclusively to the business environment, a service that at its launch achieved success that exceeded Microsoft’s expectations, in a sign of at least in the corporate world this PC model in the cloud does have a long journey. However, until now there were hardly any signs that this model could be replicated in the domestic market.

There were not until, as we can read in The Verge, we have discovered that, in reality, this is indeed part of the plans of those from Redmond, since internal company documents, specifically a presentation dated June 2022 and that has come to light as a result of the confrontation between the company and the US FTC, shows that Microsoft has been working on the model to bring Windows in the cloud to individual users for some time now.

Microsoft has been working on Windows 365 Boot, which will allow Windows 365 to start directly when starting a PC, that is, it would prevent this process from having to be carried out from a local operating system previously loaded on the computer. This, of course, would be essential for the greater deployment of Windows in the cloud, especially for home users, since the proposal would probably also offer custom devices for this service.

Be that as it may, in the leaked documents it does specify that this model points to the long term, and this makes a lot of sense, because unlike what happens in the business environment, the adoption of the cloud is not so consolidated in the domestic environment. However, it is possible that it will not take so long to see a first proposal for Windows 365 for individuals, even if it is in preview mode and so that the company can begin to assess the interest that this proposal arouses among said users.

However, until Windows in the cloud becomes the main way to access Microsoft’s operating system, if you are interested in buying a Windows license at the best price you can get it here for just 12.5 euros.

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