Microsoft wants to end Windows 10 and may not release any more updates

The reality is that very few users have jumped from Windows 10 to Windows 11. One of the reasons would be the compatibility limitations of Win11, which leaves many current systems out. Remember that the new Microsoft operating system has been developed specifically for the new Intel Cores that combine efficiency and power cores.

Microsoft plans to kill Windows 10 right now

When this latest version of Microsoft’s operating system was released, it was thought by everyone that it would be the last. From the company they slipped that possibility and its update policy accompanied it. A couple of times a year a big update package is released, separate from the regular small updates.

Windows 10 22H2 began to be deployed at the end of October and he had to stop because of his enormous problems. What’s more, we know little about this update, since the list of improvements and features introduced is not well specified.

Something interesting about this last update is that he had support by Microsoft until October 2025. This invites suspect that Microsoft proposes to give for end of support for this operating system Windows 10 Sooner than later. It seems that poor reception of Windows 11 it is making the company think about taking certain actions.

end updates operating system Windows 10

as background is Windows 11that it has not been well received. To begin with, when it was announced it received an avalanche of criticism for requiring TPM 2.0 in a mandatory way.

Besides, the list of supported processors it left out AMD Ryzen 1000 and 2000 and pre-8th Gen Intel Cores. We are talking about perfectly valid processors that still have a long way to go.

I do not like too much that Microsoft will indicate that they had collaborated with Intel for the development of this W11. Many users took this as a slight towards AMD and wondered if there would be a performance optimization disparity.

It has been speculating for some time that Microsoft is looking for methods to force the move to Windows 11. It seems that the end of big updates for W10 would be the first step to killing a working operating system.

Windows 11 discord operating system

The background of the problem: there are no alternatives

Surely different communities will come to kill me after reading this, but there are no alternatives to Windows. When I say there are no alternatives, I mean 90% (and I’m an understatement) want a plug and play operating system. Come on, I install something and it works, without further ado, and unfortunately, in Linux this does not happen.

To run many Triple A games on Linux, you need to have Wine installed. This tool is also not the ultimate solution as it doesn’t always work well with the latest games. And let’s face it, don’t ask a 13-year-old to do this or that to play Fortnite.

People don’t want to be entering commands for certain functions. You also don’t want to die looking for drivers that don’t work for this or that reason. This of having to go through forums searching and searching, installing this or that element or using commands, is not something that you can ask your parents, for example.

This is the reality, if you do not like Windows or Microsoft policies, you have to jump through hoops.

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