Microsoft wants to make Windows 11 updates less of a hassle

The Redmond giant continues to try to improve the update system used by Windows 11. As many of our readers will know, with the arrival of said operating system, a first important change was introduced, the abandonment of the two semi-annual updateswhich ended up giving way to a model focused on a single annual update.

But Microsoft’s efforts did not stop there. The company claimed that it had reduced the size of Windows 11 updates by up to 40%, and also raised the use of an expiration date to improve the management of older updates, and those that have already been absorbed by more recent versions that, in the end, end up having a binding effect.

Now, the American company has begun to introduce, in previous builds of Windows 11, a feature known as “Update Stack Packages”, or “Stacked Update Packages”. These update packs include a collection of critical-level improvements and key components that should generally help make the annual Windows 11 updates less of a hassle, and in a broad sense.

How could those update packages help in Windows 11?

I am convinced that many readers will have already drawn their own conclusions, thanks to the explanation in the previous paragraph, but I want to give you a more specific and clear vision to help you resolve any doubts. In theory, these update packages will update key aspects of Windows 11 that are, in the end, the most difficult to update “suddenly” with those annual updates, and those that can cause more serious problems.

By keeping those key operating system components updated with more frequent cycles, the impact of annual updates should be much less. This would allow, in theory, accelerate the deployment of annual updates, and would reduce the problemsfailures and even possible incompatibilities derived from the installation of these.

These update packages will be installed automatically and would improve, in general, the experience of using Windows 11. In theory, its release will occur before the arrival of each monthly cumulative update, and also before an update that introduces new features, and this includes, as we have already said , to annual updates. Thanks to them, there will be an update of the key elements that would contribute a plus of stability, and reliabilitywhen facing the installation of those other updates.

For now, this new feature only available in test channel of Windows 11, and it seems that it has only reached a few users, which means that it is still in an early stage, and it may take a long time before it finally reaches the bulk of Windows 11 users.

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