Microsoft wants to unify OneDrive web and improve Whiteboard

The Redmond giant works constantly to enhance the apps that bring your popular Microsoft 365 platform to life, and also to the adaptations of said applications for the web. This is very important, because it allows you to increase the value of said platform and adapt it to the changes and new needs of your customers.

This dynamic approach is one of the great keys to the success of Microsoft 365, and today we have been able to discover that the American company is working to unify OneDrive in its web version, and that it is focusing on shared experience.

To do this, the shared folder in the navigation pane on the left will show the files and folders that have been shared with us across the different Microsoft 365 apps. Shared stuff can include anything from file sharing via email to Teams chat to meetings.

A recent activity column will also appear, listing the most important updates to all shared files. To simplify the user interface file filtering will be improved, which will help us find what we really need. This new feature is expected to be available starting in March.

Whiteboard, the well-known Microsoft whiteboard application, is also going to receive important improvements, although these will have a longer release time, since the first They will not arrive until next July, and others will go directly to the month of August.

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Among the most exciting changes we can confirm are new templates, improvements to the integration of different text lines, shapes, and widths, an improved voting feature, and the ability to create loop tables and task lists.

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