Microsoft will block this Firefox feature on Windows 11 by Edge

In addition, that due to its popular Windows operating system, Microsoft is a firm more than recognized by many other programs and platforms. This is the case of its Edge project, a browser with which it intends to bring together other proposals that have been with us for many years.

If we start from the assumption that we find the developer of the most used desktop operating system, take advantage of it to promote their other products. This is something that a priori could be quite logical, but how could it be otherwise, the rest of the developers of software they do not agree at all. A clear example of all this is found in the movements that are carried out to promote and force the use of the aforementioned browser.

Microsoft bets strongly on Edge in Windows 11

This is something that is making it especially sensitive for the most recent version of the system that was released a few weeks ago, Windows 11. The first thing we should know here is that the software giant through this system allows us to choose the default browser. However, we can also affirm that it tries to complicate this task by making us navigate through various menus to achieve this that we are commenting on. And that’s not all, since once we have achieved it, it does not always work as we would like.

With this, what we want to tell you is that, on certain occasions or certain types of use, despite having another browser set as the default, Edge opens in Windows. This is something that occurs for example when we use links from the News & Interests widget. The same happens if we carry out a search through the corresponding box of the operating system, since the localized links are opened with the signature browser. This is because these functions make use of the microsoft-edge protocol, but there is a workaround to this move.

Edge extensions

We are talking about a solution Firefox and the program EdgeDeflector They make these links keep opening in the default browser. But Microsoft is about to release an update that disables this solution. In fact, it qualifies it as inappropriate by Mozilla, hence it will block it to continue launching Edge in the aforementioned circumstances.

This Firefox feature is not welcome in Microsoft’s new system

To give us an idea, the next windows 11 update will force links using the microsoft-edge protocol to always open in Edge. Thus, despite being able to set other browsers by default, Microsoft continues to try to impose Edge. But the heads of programs like Firefox do not agree at all, as is logical to imagine.

For example, they consider that users deserve to choose to establish other default browsers, a decision that must be respected. That is why Mozilla implemented a new code that Firefox launches when the microsoft-edge protocol is used for those who have chosen this as their default browser. But after the recent change in Windows 11, this will no longer be possible.

This type of action by Microsoft could be considered as anticompetitive, a problem that it has faced previously.

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