Microsoft will expand access to DallE in Microsoft Designer and Image Creator

DALL-E 2 is the new big bet from Microsoft. The American giant is clear: this OpenAI AI-powered system is one of its next goals in the short and medium term. This was recently confirmed at a conference at Ignite. In fact, Microsoft will integrate DALL-E 2 with Microsoft Designer and with the Image Creator tool in Bing and Microsoft Edge.

Needless to say, AI imagers have become extremely popular these days. DALL-E 2 and other open source options such as Stable Diffusion are leading a path that is, to say the least, promising. In fact, OpenAI claims that more than 1.5 million users already create more than 2 million images with DALL-E 2 a day. And the number continues to grow.

From Microsoft, its CVP Liat Ben-Zur has stated: “Microsoft and OpenAI have partnered closely since 2019 to accelerate advances in AI. We have partnered with OpenAI to responsibly develop, test and scale the latest AI technologies (…) Microsoft is the exclusive provider of cloud computing services for OpenAI and is OpenAI’s preferred partner for commercializing new AI technologies. We have started to do this through programs like Azure OpenAI Service and GitHub Copilot, and we will continue to explore solutions that harness the power of AI and advanced natural language generation.”

Universalize OpenAI technology

Microsoft’s goal is to reach a larger audience and “universalize” OpenAI technology. Hence it has launched Designer, a web application similar to Canva that can generate designs for presentations, posters, digital postcards, invitations, graphics and more to share on social networks and other channels. This app leverages user-created content and DALL-E 2 to come up with layouts, complete with dropdown menus and text boxes for further customization and customization.

Within Designer, users can choose from several templates to get started with specific layouts of defined dimensions for platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn Facebook Ads, and Instagram Stories. Pre-designed templates are available on the web, as are shapes, photos, icons, and headers that can be added to projects.. One good news is that Designer will remain free for a limited time and will be included in Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions.

Image Creator available on Bing and Edge

Another new application developed by Microsoft supported by DALL-E 2 is Image Creator and it will be available on Bing and Edge. It will be accessed through the option in Bing Images, or through the Image Creator icon in the sidebar within Edge.

Unlike Designer, Image Creator on Bing and Edge will be completely free, though it will only be available in preview for specific countries, which will help Microsoft gather feedback before expanding the app further.

It is important to note that some imaging systems have been used to create content with graphic violence and pornography, so the company ensures that it will monitor this very closely. “We take our commitment to responsible AI seriously. We will not allow users to generate violent content, we can distort people’s faces, and we will not display text strings used as input.”

Addressing some of the legal issues that have recently arisen around AI-powered imaging systems, Microsoft argues that users will have “full” use rights to commercialize images they create with Designer and Image Creator. In other words, the company will not claim ownership of the prompts, captions, creations or any other content that users postenter or send to applications.

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