Microsoft will renew the appearance of these programs in Windows 11

Of course, something we want to take into account is that most of the great news that we are going to find here, refer to everything related to design. In this way, what is intended is to give Windows 10 a twist and give the new operating system a more modern appearance. In this way Windows 11 It will arrive later this year with major improvements in its design.

As Microsoft itself tells us, the system has been designed to please the majority thanks to the implementation of rounded corners, Mica themes and more consistent Fluent Design elements.

Windows 11 will improve the appearance of almost all your applications

As many of you may already know first-hand, the new Windows is now available for insiders. We can test this in the Dev and Beta channels of the Windows Insider program. but as usual here, the news is coming little by little. Therefore, we could consider that some features and improvements that will reach the final version of the operating system are currently missing. For example, all that we are going to tell you below serve as an example.

In particular, we refer to the compatibility of the appearance in the interface of some of its most popular applications. First of all, Microsoft developers wanted to make it clear that their new vision of Fluent Design called Mica, it will not affect the performance of applications or the operating system. Similarly, the developers of the Redmond firm promised that more Windows 11 apps and functions will be updated with this new interface.

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For those who do not know, the new Windows a new Mica effect that replaces Fluent Design acrylic. This is something that is normally applied to the app window in order to create a color hierarchy. In addition, the commented designs help us to focus on the main window when we have several elements open simultaneously. We already told you recently that all this had been implemented for applications such as Clipping, Calculator, Mail or Calendar.

But according to a new statement from the own Microsoft, this new design and improvements will be adopted by more applications shortly. As they have made known, they are working to introduce the new look of Windows 11 to many more elements. Its main goal is for every built-in application to adopt it, but this is something that will take place little by little over time.

Where will the Windows 11 Mica effect arrive

Those responsible for the also clarified that they cannot make all this available on the first day. One of the main reasons for this is that they are all different teams and they work to their own schedules and have their own goals. Additionally, Fluent Design and Mica materials are ready for almost all applications. Applications, including advanced Office applications. These elements are designed to work for many types of interfaces. Serve as an example Office, which has a fairly complex user interface. At the same time, these elements must be adapted so that they work for all kinds of interactions such as through the keyboard, on touch screens, or with a pencil. (Diazepam)

On the other hand, it has also been said that the Microsoft Teams program will soon have a look inspired by Windows 11, although we do not yet know when this will begin to roll out. Applications such as MS Paint, the Photos app, the Clock and many others.

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