Microsoft will replace Teams Rooms Premium with “Pro” and “Basic” versions

The Redmond giant has introduced changes in the pricing scheme and in the names of Teams Rooms subscriptions. These modifications are already known, although they will not come into force until September 1. We might think that this means that the users of this platform still have time to look for an alternative in case they are not satisfied with the changes that Microsoft is going to introduce, but the truth is that they will have no reason to do so, since the changes are going to be very positive.

As many of our readers will know, Teams Rooms is a special version of the well-known video call and collaborative work platform from Microsoft. It is primarily aimed at professionals who use specific hardware for virtual conferencing, such as microphones, sound bars, desk phones with screens and cameras, among others. Well-known companies like Bose, Poly, Lenovo, and Logitech sell certified hardware that works flawlessly with this platform.

According to Microsoft, this platform can offer “enhanced in-room meeting experiences, such as intelligent audio or video, multi-screen support, and the full suite of Microsoft device management capabilities.” In order to access these virtual conference rooms and enjoy that enhanced experience, the Redmond giant had been charging a fee of 50 dollars per month, in case of opting for the premium modalityand 15 dollars a month if we chose the standard option.

With the changes that Microsoft is going to introduce, the plans will be configured as follows, we will have a pro modality that will be priced at 40 dollars, which is a reduction of 10 dollars. Along with this, the basic mode will be available, which replaces the standard and it will be totally freethat is, when we buy a certified product for Microsoft Teams Rooms, it will come with a free subscription included thanks to that new basic plan.

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