Microsoft will stop selling licenses for Windows 10 and Pro from January 31

This has been announced by the company that continues to work hard on the consolidation of Windows 11 on the market, since since its launch in October 2021 it has been updated to incorporate new features and solve the initial errors it presented. But for users to migrate to the new operating system, Microsoft will have to stop selling downloadable licenses for versions of Windows 10 Y Windows 10 Pro on its official website.

Not to be alarmed, as Windows 10 will continue to be compatible with new security updates until at least October 14, 2025. But that does not mean that the company is already wanting to change the mentality of new customers so that they use Windows 11 when buying a new computer and thus end with Windows 10 after more than eight years of life.

Despite Microsoft removing it from its official web portal, Windows 10 is expected to continue to be available in physical and digital stores, and should be operational, even if stocks ran out, for almost three more years. That said, we can continue to find this operating system on the pages of retailers like Amazon.

The annual updates of this operating system have been maintained, although it is true that the update 22H2 It did not present great news. This is all due to the company’s efforts to get users to move to Windows 11, which constantly features new app updates and user interface improvements.

Is the purchase of Windows 11 mandatory?

All those users who get a new computer or PC but who do not want to use Windows 11 will be able to continue keeping the Windows 10 keys, since both operating systems have easily interchangeable elements, so there should be no problem installing and activating the equivalent edition of Windows 10 on the same hardware. Versions prior to the Home edition of Windows 11 should still work without any issues.

For their part, owners of a PC with windows 7 either Windows 8 who wish to renew it, will have it more difficult. And it is that the last scheduled security updates were sent at the beginning of January. Therefore, those users will be able to install Windows 10 without any problem, since although Microsoft stopped offering the free update in 2016, it is not difficult for the new implementations to work.

The slow progress of Windows 11

It is having a hard time convincing users and gamers about the importance and improvements that Microsoft’s new operating system presents. Perhaps the initial errors that it presented at the end of 2021 generated some mistrust among clients, although little by little it is progressing. However, for the North American company, progress has been slower than expected and they see the urgent need to offer information to users about the purchasing alternatives to Windows 10 and the great advantages that Windows 11 presents.

In the last hardware and software survey issued by Steam, in December 2022, it was concluded that Windows 11 was present on 28.42% of computersincreasing its figures by 18.27% compared to the data registered in December 2021. This shows that its monthly growth rate has been 1.5%. Likewise, Windows 10 continues to occupy the top of the ranking as the most used operating system with a 65.42% share, while Windows 7 ranks third with 1.6%.

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