Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses, but the download will still be available

As we told you a few days ago, Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses this month. However, it seems that it will be possible to continue downloading the system, that is, the installation image, from the official page.

Specifically, it will be on January 31, 2023, in just a few days, when Microsoft stops selling Windows 10 licenses, both for the Home and Pro editions. The reason is, obviously, the promotion of Windows 11, the version of the system in which Microsoft is investing all the development effort, but which does not finish taking off in market share for different reasons.

To this must be added the support time that Windows 10 has left, a couple of years, although upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is one of the most common paths to the new version. In any case, Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses shortly. The warning is already well visible on the official pages of Windows 1o Home and Windows 10 Pro.

«January 31, 2023 will be the last day this download of Windows 10 is sold. Windows 10 will continue to be supported until October 14, 2025 with security updates that help protect your PC against viruses, spyware, and other malware.“Microsoft reports.

Of course, as we said in the first note that we published, it is not a tragedy, when we talk about licenses that cost a whopping 145 euros for the Home edition and 259 euros for the Pro edition. There are promotions like the ones we usually bring you, in which you can buy original licenses Windows 10 Home for 12.5 euros or a Windows 10 pro for 14.1 euros (they are OEM licenses, but for the price they are still a better investment) it is irrelevant.

However, just because Microsoft stops selling Windows 10 licenses doesn’t mean it plans to remove the download media for system installation images, at least for now. This is indicated by the company in the product documentation, as stated in Windows Latest, whose update will be maintained until October 14, 2025.

So Microsoft may no longer sell Windows 10 licenses, but will allow you to continue downloading the system and as for its activation, the use cases are multiple, but if you need it… you’ve already seen it: there are resellers with plenty of stock and much more attractive prices than those offered by Microsoft itself.

See here how to activate Windows with a genuine license.

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