Microsoft withdraws its new Whiteboard due to criticism

The presentation of the new Microsoft Whiteboard (virtual whiteboard) was officially presented. That new version created quite a stir, as it took a novel approach that aimed to enhance collaborative work, and make this easier.

Among the most important changes that Microsoft confirmed in this new Whiteboard were the introduction of a new user interface, the integration of more than 40 templates, new reactions, forms and backgrounds, inking powered by artificial intelligence and haptic feedback with Surface and support on both Windows and iOS.

Although the news was interesting, in the end this new Whiteboard not only did not have the expected success, but also generated significant criticism among the community that, in the end, have led Microsoft to confirm a rollback, that is, a return to the previous version of said board. Mathivathan Vhallatharasu himself expressed it this way today through his Twitter account.

This means that the Whiteboard will return to its UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version starting this week, and that it will continue to receive improvements and updates. We imagine Microsoft will try to give it a major facelift again in the coming months, but it is clear that you will have to tread fine if you want to enlist the support of the community.

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Between the main arguments that users wielded to reject that new Microsoft Whiteboard stand out:

  • Very slow loading times negatively affecting the user experience.
  • Slower performance in general, which was detrimental to collaborative work.
  • It didn’t have minimize, maximize, and close animations in Windows 10.
  • The function of using the ruler had completely disappeared.
  • Delete removed the page entirely, not the part the user wanted.
  • It gave problems when pasting images, and errors in the identification of users.

Microsoft’s Whiteboard app is totally free, and we can download it through the official website of the Redmond giant.

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