Microsoft works on a new version for Bing to compete with Google

It is no surprise to say that Google leads the list of online search engines. The data offered by Statista, from 2021 – 2022, indicates that the number of users reaches 92% worldwide. In second place, with only 3% is Bing, which was very well known years ago. But this may change, since Microsoft intends to give it a boost by preparing a new version.

Although it is still in the works, the truth is that Google does not take its eyes off Microsoft. Until now, he could be calm, since the figures ensure that he has no rival. However, the new version to be created for the Bing search engine can make everything change. The reason? An investment in OpenAI that reaches one billion dollars and that Microsoft is now going to make profitable.

Artificial intelligence, a competitive advantage

Microsoft is aware that investing in artificial intelligence can give it a great advantage over the giant Google. Although it has been taking steps in this direction for a long time, it is now that the news has broken of the new resolution that the company has for the New Year: the ChatGPT integration. The forecast is that it could be ready before the end of March, according to a report from The Information.

What is Microsoft looking for with this? An improvement in the results offered by the Bing search engine. Searches are not quite accurate and efficient, and this had to stop sooner or later. ChatGPT can get all the information is relevant to users that they still trust Bing and that they will be able, in principle from March, to enjoy an improved and new experience that will be very attractive.

An important collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI

In order for this to take place, Microsoft and OpenAI have established a collaboration that makes the integration of ChatGPT in Bing viable. After having done the same with DALL-E 2 and having become news last year, it seems that this 2023 the company plans to surprise us with new news. And it is that, with artificial intelligence, Microsoft wants to get ahead of Google.

Reaching Google is not going to be easy, but Microsoft is going to try. All thanks to ChatGPT that will use artificial intelligence to process human language, answer questions, write code, and even generate content. This will make it possible to refine searches, improve waiting times and use AI as a useful support for users to find a trustworthy and satisfactory search engine on Bing.

Perhaps many are unaware of it, but ChatGPT has already been integrated with Canva, for example, although the big challenge was in the search engines. Now it seems that this may become a reality and at a much greater speed than expected. An opportunity for Bing to get high visibility again, even though ChatGPT is expensive. However, Microsoft expects earn a substantial return with the.

Bing will become the first search engine that uses ChatGPT and will also allow access to it for free. Although OpenAI will seek to monetize it due to its high cost, Microsoft is not currently focused on this. Therefore, there are many people who are paying attention to all the news that is coming out. And it is that everyone is waiting to try the new version from Bing.

It’s still January, so you still have to be patient to figure out how this AI-powered version of Bing will work. But, expectations are already very high. There will always be the question of whether Microsoft will far exceed them or, on the contrary, will disappoint. What is certain is that Bing will undergo an important change that will put you in the spotlight for a time.

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