Microsoft works on the renewal of the Xbox interface

Microsoft is testing a new Xbox UI update in order to simplify the experience it provides. The company has listened to the complaints of the part of the community that has been testing the development versions, so it has been introducing some changes to make the interface easier to use, since some complained that there were too many icons and They were also very large, so it gave the feeling of being crowded.

From the company they explain that they started with hundreds of proposals for changes before achieving an apparently more balanced final result. The developed prototypes were tested by a select group of users who contributed their point of view. The result has been towards balancing experience, accessibility, function and the needs of the community itself.

The new Xbox Dashboard features a new guide menu that is always at the top center of the screen to provide quick access to the game library, Microsoft Store, Game Pass, the search function and the settings menu. When the user hovers over the shortcuts at the bottom of the interface, they will see the wallpaper change dynamically to reflect the currently selected game.

Another new addition is that the Xbox start menu can now indicate when there is something within a section that requires the user’s attention. This means that if there are updates to a game or one of the wishlisted titles has been released, the user will see a tile pointer to their game library or the Microsoft Store. This feature is still under development, so its behavior may change when it begins to officially reach users.

As we’ve already hinted, the new Xbox UI experience hasn’t been officially released yet, so to get it, you must join the Xbox Insiders program and sign up for the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha test rings to be eligible. The user must download the application by searching for “Xbox Insider Hub” from Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X and then follow the instructions in the application.

We will see if the changes that Microsoft wants to implement in the Xbox panel give a breath of fresh air to the consoles, which at the sales level are clearly being surpassed by their direct rival in the sector, Sony’s PlayStation. The Japanese giant already clearly dominated the last generation and it seems that at general levels it will repeat the result within the desktop consoles. On the other hand, there is a Nintendo Switch out there that is often despised, but at the gaming level it has nothing to envy its rivals.

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