Microsoft would have thrown in the towel with HoloLens 3, and could ally with Samsung

The arrival of HoloLens 2 caused quite a stir in the industry and was, for many, confirmation that Microsoft was very serious with its commitment to mixed reality. The development of HoloLens 3 was never confirmed, but it was clear that this would depend not only on the success of that second generation, but also on Microsoft’s own interest in continuing to promote this mixed reality platform.

As many of our readers will know, mixed reality brings together the best of virtual reality and augmented reality, and allows apply virtual reality elements to the real world, creating a truly unique user experience. So, for example, we can look at a motor and HoloLens 2 will show us the names of the parts, as well as useful instructions for working with it. This is just one example of the potential of this technology, and also one of the most illustrative.

The fact is that, according to a new leak, it seems that Microsoft has decided to throw in the towel with HoloLens 3, although this It does not mean that I am going to abandon the world of mixed reality completely. According to the source of the news, the Redmond giant would have reached an agreement with Samsung to continue their adventure in this sector, but starting with a totally new strategy in which HoloLens 3 has no place.

This supposed agreement contemplates that Samsung would take care of developing a new mixed reality kit, that is, to shape the hardwareand that Microsoft would carry out everything related to the software. Microsoft long ago stopped being a limited software company, but the truth is that this new approach makes much more sense, and could be much more profitable for the Redmond giant.

Although nothing is confirmed, and the statements that have been made in the past by some of the most important Microsoft executives about HoloLens are contradictory, I must say that this information has a lot of credibility, especially seeing that not long ago the departure of high-ranking executives took place who played a big role on the HoloLens team at Microsoft, like Don Box and Dave Reed, who went straight to Meta.

The future of HoloLens is, at the moment, uncertain, but what is clear is that the metaverse represents too juicy a “cake” that Microsoft is not going to ignore it, and that it will claim “its piece” either with its own combination of software and hardware, or with its software alone.

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