Microsoft’s turn to cancel its presence

The CES will have a lot less booth this year, Microsoft has officially just canceled its participation in the show.

Definitely, CES 2022 is in the grip of a difficult situation, which it will be difficult to disentangle. For the past few days, the participants in the biggest technological fair of the year have in turn canceled their visit because of the pandemic which is starting again. If exhibitions of all kinds had not been spared in 2021, Californians hoped that in 2022, the situation would have improved.

It is the turn of Microsoft, one of the giants in the middle, to announce the cancellation of its participation to the whole world. A spokesperson for the firm said that “ After reviewing the latest data on the rapidly changing COVID environment, Microsoft has decided not to attend CES 2022 in person “. An inevitable approach, which once again shakes the organization of CES 2022.

Chain cancellations among the biggest in the middle

Microsoft is not the only company to have joined the sidelines on its own initiative. Among the first are Amazon, Meta, Google, Twitter, Lenovo, General Motors and even Intel; names that weigh heavily in the balance in the technological world. On December 23, the organizers of the show explained that they wanted to maintain CES 2022 by ensuring the safety of participants thanks to a strict health protocol and preventive measures.

However, this does not seem sufficient for everyone. While the show is due to open its doors in the week of January 3 to 8, the organizers still have a short week to announce whether the event is still current or not. Indeed, we are not immune to a last minute cancellation, whether requested by the organizers or ordered by the local authorities.

As for the presentation of Microsoft, it goes without saying that the firm postpones its announcements to a subsequent virtual presentation. Moreover, the novelties have already started to show up ahead of the event, in particular on the side of LG which presented its first gaming laptop, curved OLED screens or an air purifier.

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