Mignola, Miller, Lee… A review by the best Batman cartoonists

It began in 1943 and retired no less in the late 80s. More than 40 years dedicated to Batman almost in anonymity, until in the late 60s, fans finally knew his name.

Lines clean, classic and strong for a Batman in the golden age that forever marked the style of the Dark Knight (and Robin). It certainly deserves to be on this list.

Jim Aparo, 30 years as a Batman artist

Jim Aparo's Batman

Another of the legendaries, who dedicated almost 30 of his life as Batman’s chief artist, is Jim Aparo.

He took the character in 1971 and gave him an unmistakable look, more realistic, a little darker, with very stylized lines which are the best mix of classic and modern. It is essential to name him as one of the best Batman cartoonists.

David Mazzucchelli, Batman Year One

David Mazzucchelli the cartoonist Batman Year One

The title says it all. Mazzucchelli had a very short time as a cartoonist for Batman, but he left a much deeper mark than most artists with his legendary Batman: Year One, which would be scripted by none other than Frank Miller.

The comic was a great success and one of the best Batman stories, with a Crusader of the Cape in its beginnings, somewhat inexperienced and with an impeccable drawing and script work. It is impossible to mistake a cartoon from this comic with that of any other Dark Knight story.

Greg Capullo, the Batman of the 2010s

The dark Batman from cartoonist Greg Capullo

From 2011 to 2016, Greg Capullo would be in charge of drawing Batman. During those 5 years he would work side by side with screenwriter Scott Snyder to update and reimagine many of the Batman characters.

His style dark, playing with shadows and stylized He is very recognizable and one of the ones that has best captured the essence of modern Batman.

In fact, he participated in the legendary number 1000 of Detective comics and also drew the recent Dark nights Metal of 2017.

Carmine Infantino, the step to adulthood

Carmine Infantino's Batman

In the mid-1960s, Batman was languishing and Carmine Infantino was commissioned, along with John Broome, to breathe new life into the Dark Knight.

Without completely detaching from the Batman anymore camp of the Silver age, removed the childish traits and created a more mature Batman, more detective and adult. Those traits would influence the character forever from now on and we owe it to Infantino.

Its clean line is the perfect transition between the traditional and the modern.

Mike Mignola, the most personal style

Cartoonist Mike Mignola's Batman

Here is my personal preference, because it is true that the legendary artist of Hellboy he hasn’t drawn much batman, but everything he’s touched has turned into cult history. Gothan by gaslight or Sanctum are essential titles in the career of the Dark Knight.

The mix of Victorian and Lovecraft vibe, along with the unmistakable style of Mignola’s strokes, make him worthy of being on this list.

Frank Miller, the king of chiaroscuro

Batman Dark Knight by Frank Miller

We got to the podium and the bronze medal goes to Frank Miller. He may not be the artist who dedicated the most to the batman, but his legendary creation Daredevil: Born again It would be worth him to be commissioned Batman and blew it up with a mature, cynical and very dark Batman.

To match the character, there is also Miller’s recognizable style of play of shadows and chiaroscuro, which reached its peak with 300 or Sin City. His art fit perfectly with the Crusader in the Cloak and has given us an image of Batman that has endured forever.

In fact, he’s the inspiration for Affleck’s Batman which, let’s face it, is the barely salvageable in Zack Snyder’s stage in the movies.

Neal Adams, back in the shadows

Cartoonist Neal Adams' Batman

The 60s were a time of color for Batman on television, but Neal Adams would be in charge of bringing him back into the shadows in the comics during those years and also the 70s.

Without a doubt, darkness is the color that best suits Batman and Neal Adams began a stage in which we see a Realistic and detailed Batman, taking on some of the most legendary supervillains.

We are talking about that it is the time of The League of Assassins, Ra’s al Ghul or his daughter Talia.

Adams would re-draw the cape and the bat many times, and because of that, deserves second place as best Batman cartoonist.

Nor would I argue much with those who believe that the crown should be taken, it is possible.

Jim Lee, the best Batman comic book artist

Jim Lee, the best Batman cartoonist

What can we say? The gold medal goes to Jim LeeSo come on those stones, but it’s hard to argue with that when you appreciate their work.

Founder of Image Comics After leaving Marvel in 1992, he is the legendary cartoonist of Batman: Hush. Not only that, he also made the pencils for him. All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder by Frank Miller. This was more controversial than legendary.

Definitely, the Batman with more textures, depth and detail, both in the character and in the environment that surrounds him and helps to tell the story.

It is very difficult to give Batman expressiveness and convey all the nuances, as well as the dark and epic atmosphere of his universe, but that is precisely what Jim Lee achieves and, therefore, deserves to be considered the best Batman cartoonist.

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