Million dollar fine to Apple and Amazon for this abuse, according to authorities

More than 200 million euros of fine between the two

An investigation into both companies began in Italy last year because, allegedly at that time, Apple was trying to sell its own brand and Beats products through Amazon in an uncompetitive way. As the Italian authorities have determined, the practices carried out by both companies sought to isolate retail competition in the sale of products to customers, both companies being therefore irregularly favored.

And although it is not entirely true that Amazon, in addition to Apple itself, was the only store to sell Beats devices, an agreement that both companies reached in 2018 did nothing but create obstacles for those who wanted to sell those same products. via Amazon. And although none of the companies recognized it, nor does it yet recognize it, the Italian authorities have investigated enough to determine that there is sufficient evidence of monopolistic practices.

Given this, both companies have received a record financial sanction. In the case of Amazon, the fine amounts to 68.7 million euros, a chilling figure, but that is even small next to Apple’s. And it is that the Cupertino company fell the largest, having to pay 134.5 million euros.

Both companies plan to appeal the resolution

According to Reuters, the medium that released this news, both Apple and Amazon plan to make allegations regarding this ruling by the Italian competition authorities. Therefore, although the sanction is firm, it is likely that the process will be prolonged and new investigations will be reopened with which to reaffirm or change the already known resolution.

We remember that It is not the first time that Apple has been fined in the transalpine country, since a year ago it was sanctioned with 10 million euros for what they considered to be misleading advertising with the iPhone 11 by showing them as waterproof, despite the fact that the warranty does not cover it. Something that, on the other hand, is usually common in all companies.

fine apple italy

The fact is that there are already several investigations that Apple keeps open together with companies such as Amazon, Meta (Facebook) or Alphabet (Google). And it is that in many countries investigations have been opened regarding alleged monopolistic practices and as far as the apple company is concerned, it is the regulations of the App Store that bring them the most headaches due to the commissions they take. for in-app subscriptions. Therefore, it seems that work is not going to be lacking for the Apple Park lawyers.

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