Mimestream, the native Gmail client, is now official


We have been waiting for two years for this new application that has now emerged for Mac. Mimestream has proven that it is a very decent application for our Apple computers. So much so that they have been in what seemed like an eternal Beta for two years but now, finally, it has become a reality that is being very well received by all the users who enjoy it. It is a native Gmail client capable of organizing our emails without depending on applications from Google.

Former Apple Mail engineer Neil Jhaveri had a vision a couple of years ago. The vision consisted of creating a simple application that could manage different Gamil email accounts from a single application and that it was compatible with macOS. This is how Mimestream was born and right now after two years of testing and testing, it is finally available on its definitive version for Mac computers.

Mimestream behaves like a native application written in Swift and designed with AppKit and SwiftUI. This has achieved a clean and standard appearance, typical of Apple. That is why when you install it, it will be very familiar to you, especially if you are a user of Apple’s own application for managing email. The peculiarity of Mimestream is that it is designed solely and exclusively to be used with Gmail. That is why it uses the Gmail API and does not fall into the typical of using the standard IMAP connection. This makes it possible to support features like categorized inboxes, aliases and signatures, server-side filters, templates, labels, vacation replies, mentions, undo send, archiving, and more.

The best thing about the app itself is that it has support for multiple Gmail accounts and they all come under one unified inbox. To the use the Gmail API Written and developed in typical Apple language, the app fully integrates with macOS to offer system-level notifications, system-level dark mode support, keyboard shortcuts, swipe gestures, and linking email profiles to focus filters.

Mimestream is available for download with a trial version. Then you will have to pay the price of the App that right now has a promotional price until June 9. Then you will pay about 50 euros in the annual plan or 5 monthly.

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