Minecraft 1.19 is already very close to its final version

Two weeks ago, on the occasion of the release of Minecraft 1.19 snaphot 22w19a, I decided to jump in the pool and say that it would be the last beta of 1.19, and therefore only a few days separated us from the first pre-release of Minecraft 1.19. If you don’t know the Minecraft development cycle, we explained it to you in the article from two weeks ago. And what has happened since then? Well, again, good news for those waiting for it.

Snapshot 22w19a was released on May 12, the next Mojang release came six days later, and yes, We were not wrong, since what the developer released was pre-release 1 of Minecraft 1.19thus confirming that the development phase of this new version had already finished, something that we could already intuit with the latest snapshots, and that therefore they were already beginning to work on polishing all the pending elements.

Yesterday, May 23, Mojang published a new pre-release of Minecraft 1.19, the secondalthough it is true that an unexpected change has occurred, by modifying the lighting levels in which they can be generated mobs hostiles in the nether, something that will now occur more frequently. The company has already announced a future adjustment regarding this change, but they have also anticipated that it will not occur before 1.19, which confirms that we are close to its launch.

For the rest, both versions add minor changes, no major modifications and, given the phase of the development cycle, no notable news. In other words, it seems increasingly clear that, for some time now, the month of June is marked on the Mojang calendar with a red circleinside which we can read Minecraft 1.19.

In the middle of March, with the release of snapshot 22w11a, the first of Minecraft 1.19 to leave the experimental status, I decided to get in the water and bet that the launch, given the pace of development, would occur in June. A few weeks later, at the beginning of April, I once again proposed June as the launch month, although it is true that the end of May was beginning to seem like a feasible option, albeit somewhat tight. And now, seven days from the end of this month, although there is still a very small margin for it, Minecraft 1.19 could be ahead of my prediction.

However, something very clever on Mojang’s part is do not commit to dates until they are fully locked in. That way, without the pressure of releasing it on, say, May 31, they can go through the entire pre-release and release-candidate testing process to make sure the release reaches users in the best possible condition. That said, and barring any surprises, I see it feasible that Minecraft 1.19 arrived between the first and second week of June, and of course within the first fortnight of the month.

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