Minecraft: Education Edition, a different way of teaching Internet safety for the little ones

On the occasion of the celebration of the Safe Internet day, Microsoft and Mojang have presented the arrival of a special world for Minecraft: Education Editionin which the little ones can learn some basics to stay safe online in a fun and educational way.

Exclusively presented as a single player “adventure”, this world called “CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm”, is described as a one-hour interactive experience for children ages 7 to 12 Learn about online security and privacy, as well as the basics behind having a digital identity. A curious title that, as Microsoft has explained, comes under a double meaning: being similar to the sound made by Minecraft villagers and illustrating the key principle of the scenario: “Stop and think before you click”.


So this adventure will be divided into up to four typical scenarios in which the children along with some extra suggested exercises that they can reflect on once they have finished.

We will have activities such as “Do you want to play online with me?”, in which we will learn how to distinguish between different usernames and why it is important to pay close attention to these details when playing online; the “Online Maze? I can complete it!”, intended to teach young players not to share their login information; “New emerald armor?! Definitely!”, with which we will reinforce the idea of ​​not sharing important personal information or details; and delicious! Pumpkin Pie!”, in which the little ones will have to learn how to determine when an online sales website is reliable, and learn how they can find that information.

all of it presented through real-life examplesLike playing online with a friend, meeting Pro players or people who will offer you cheat codes in exchange for your data, and even responsible use of the in-game store itself.

Available from todayall Minecraft: Education Edition users will have access to “CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm” completely free of charge. In addition, this new world will also be added to the Minecraft Marketplace educational collection starting next March.

Unfortunately, at the moment the experience is only available in English, although it is expected that, as we have seen on previous occasions, a version adapted and translated into Spanish will end up arriving.

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