Minecraft One block at a time, Mojang has done it again

Players familiar with the history of Minecraft know that Mojang takes April’s Fools very seriously, the Anglo-Saxon variant of April Fools’ Day. And it is that, if you do not know this “holiday”, it is a day in which it is highly recommended to reread twice all the information that reaches us, because from large companies to individuals, they do not hesitate to play a little, always with good intention, with the credulity of the people. In some cases the deception is very, very obvious, while in others the joke is more subtle.

Be that as it may, Mojang has a long history of “special” versions of Minecraft, released on April 1. It is true that some years the joke has been better than others. For example, the past 2021 was not a special version of Minecraft, but a web page with Minecraft Plus!, a screensaver that emulated the historical Microsoft Plus! In 2020, however, the 2020 version, the Snapshot 20w14infinite blew us all away.

That last year Mojang’s April’s Fools celebration was not a special version of Minecraft was interpreted, by some people, as a first step to abandon that tradition. However, one does not have to be very clever to understand that the real reason was the lack of material time to plan and develop it, because at that time the developers were facing the multiple challenges posed by the Caves & Cliffs update, which shortly after was divided into two parts.

This year, however, the good pace of Minecraft 1.19 snapshots tells us that the developers have, again, the necessary margin and, consequently, in 2022 we will have a specific snapshot for April’s Fools, the 22w13oneblockatatime. And yes, as you may have imagined from its name, it imposes a rather distressing limitation on us, and that is that we can only have one block/item in our inventory at any given time.

Thus, as you can see in the image, in reality the inventory is made up of our hands, since as you can see in the image, in all cases, we will hold the object with both. But it is even worse, since even if you get items somehow, you won’t be able to use them either. And in case it has crossed your mind to use some trick, such as giving yourself objects with the /give command or jumping to creative mode, you should know that you will be very disappointed, because the limitations are also imposed in those cases.

Thus, it seems unlikely that this Minecraft snapshot will have a long run among users, unlike others like Infinite, which gave much more play. However, the proposal is fun and, knowing the Minecraft community, I also do not rule out that some daredevils pose some kind of challenge. However, when I have said that we will not be able to use any items, this includes food. And, of course, if we cannot use the items, it is not possible to craft either. Survival in its purest form and with all the limitations in the world, because even if you find a chest… you won’t be able to open it. Do you dare to try it?

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