Mini gaming keyboards to get the most out of your favorite games

Computers are the place where games tend to get more complicated, with a lot of keys and controls that we must attend to. Fortunately we have in our hand two peripherals that are key: a keyboard and a mouse. Now, for those who want to have all the keys together and with easy access at all times, there is a very interesting range of peripherals that many call mini keyboards. gaming. Do you know them?

Everything at your fingertips

These are peripherals they look like a piece of the computer keyboard and in which we can configure all the necessary shortcuts to enjoy any game we are playing. Obviously, the fact that they have invented something like this has to do with the need of some players to be able to react before their adversary (in online games) by agglutinating the main keys around the hand to avoid having to move it across the entire field. keyboard of the PC.

Those advantages that we can customize the controls have the drawback that when you get used to using it and you don’t know how to play without the mini keyboard gaming, you need to take it everywhere to connect and continue with the game, for example, when switching from your desktop PC to the laptop when you go on a trip somewhere or spend a weekend with friends from party in World of Warcraft.

For the rest, having one of these peripherals They are all advantages because it fixes any need at a stroke that you have to place in an element external to the PC keyboard all the functions that are required by some games whose map of controls is immeasurable.

Three models to control them all

So if you think we are going to offer you three different models, with very varied price ranges and that can be used to scale from one segment to another depending on your needs. If you have never tried a mini keyboard before gaming We recommend that you go for the cheaper alternative that we bring you and, if you see that this peripheral becomes essential, start considering whether you want to buy a superior model, with better materials, finishes, software options and performance.

As we tell you, the first of the mini keyboards gaming is a very cheap RedThunder model with a classic key layout where you will have the famous WASD keys and all those that surround them in a keyboard normal. In total you will have 35 backlit keys where it will be possible to place all the basic game controls such as pubg, Fortnite, DOTA 2etc.

The second model also has a normal keyboard layout split in half, with 42 keys in total and that we can place on one side or the other of the desk to run the games. It is very comfortable with a surface to rest the wrist, backlit keys and controls macro to record specific actions of each game.

Finally we have a Pro model, from Razer, which ditch the split-in-half keyboard look and focuses on offering us a total of 32 programmable keys, analog control to move the mouse, switch to offer alternative functionalities to each button and a wrist rest to avoid fatigue. In addition, it has powerful software that saves the profiles of each game and stores them in the cloud, which allows us to take them with us everywhere.

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