Minimal price! Get the AirPods Pro for less money

Without a doubt, one of the best accessories for the iPhone is wireless headphones. Apple offers the AirPods Pro or the second generation to be able to enjoy music at the highest possible quality. Apple does not usually make sales on its products in the official store, but on Amazon you can find an interesting discount as we show you below.

The discount on AirPods Pro

A priori, Apple does not plan to renew the AirPods Pro, the first generation currently being the most recommended and without a doubt one of the best purchases you can make. Have a in-ear design to be able to adapt to the ear of any user. The packaging itself includes three pads of different sizes that you should try to find the one that is best for your ear canal. This is really important in order to have the best possible noise cancellation, which is undoubtedly one of the star features of these premium headphones. It has a fairly well designed system whereby all external noises are suppressed, also offering a very good sound quality.

Currently on the official website of the company to be able to get these headphones you have to pay a total of 279 euros. This can be a really high price for simple headphones, but the truth is that it is the average price in this range of products from other brands. Currently on Amazon you can find an interesting discount of almost 90 euros which is quite considerable since in the end you will have it for less than 200 euros. It must be borne in mind that when making the purchase in this online store you can enjoy a 2-year guarantee as it is a totally new product.

AirPods 2 also on sale

In the event that you are not interested in noise cancellation or even the 200 euros you think is an excessive price, you can always opt for the second generation AirPods. Without a doubt this is the cheapest and most general option since although there are rumors of the arrival of the AirPods 3, there is still no set date. Although it does not have noise cancellation, without a doubt they are headphones that offer great sound quality to be able to listen to music, podcast or your series.


Right now on Amazon you can find the version that have a charging case without a wireless charging system at a good discount. It should also be noted that you can find the most premium version where you only change the charging case that can be recharged on a base with the Qi standard. In Amazon the discount is up to 50 euros with the same guarantees as in the previous case.

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