Minority Report comes true: your lenses will be a screen

Augmented reality consists of combining real image and digital information at the same time. All this in the so-called augmented reality glasses, which are in principle for virtual reality, but which use a camera to record what happens in reality and superimpose the information. This allows us to know additional data about the environment in which we are. However, glasses can be indiscreet. How about a screen in contact lenses? Well that’s the Mojo Lens.

A few years ago Google seemed like it was going to take over the world with Google Glass, however, they were a failure and if we add to this the fact that in many countries using a camera without third-party permission is totally illegal, then the dream that everyone becoming a voluntary or involuntary Streamer for YouTube did not come to fruition. Today they are the HMD units for virtual reality with cameras, in the case those that have said capacity. However, they have the problem that you can’t go with it on the street and it’s not practical.

Mojo Lens is more than a screen in a lens

Okay, we are not going to talk about any augmented reality device, but about a piece that could be crucial in many systems of this type in the future. And it is that the company Mojo Vision has created contact lenses with a MicroLED screen inside. Due to the small size of the screen, it is completely monochrome, since of the 3 RGB pixels only green is supported. However, its resolution is not exactly low, since it is 14,000 DPI. That is, in each inch that number of pixels.

Mojo Lens Prototype

Inside the circuitry of the Mojo Lens we can not only find its screen with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm, but also other components:

  • A 5GHz Wi-Fi radio to be able to transmit content from an external device that the user would carry, such as a mobile phone or a computer.
  • Its central processor is a Cortex M0 microcontroller.
  • It has several advanced tracking systems in the form of MEMS as a accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer.
  • Retina tracking ability. This is combined with a user interface that sends information to the user depending on which elements of the image we are looking at at any given time. For example, we can focus on a product and know its price or characteristics.

It is, therefore, a product from the future and that can have various applications for certain jobs. What is clear is that for those who are creepy putting on contact lenses, this solution is not very pleasant. In any case, it is a technological milestone that has taken 7 years to develop and complete, since Mojo Vision was founded in 2015 to carry out this project. Be that as it may, at the moment it is still a curiosity. And you, would you wear a Mojo Lens in your eye or do you think it is a device that, on the other hand, will not have much of a future? Will we be able to play video games in the future with just our eyes? Who knows.

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