Minors at home? Only these two programs pass as parental control software

Computers, like mobile devices, are increasingly present in the lives of the little ones. When they discover that through the Internet they can access all kinds of content, they quickly begin to use it on a day-to-day basis to answer any questions they have, including those that they do not dare to ask their parents. For prevent minors access all the content available on the internet from a computer, the easiest solution is to use parental control applications.

Windows, through the user account system, allows you to block certain web pages depending on the user’s age, however, it is not infallible and does not correctly block all content considered inappropriate. Another option that Microsoft also makes available to us is Safety Family, a platform that works via the web that allows us to limit the time the computer is used, prevent it from running certain applications, as well as including a filter that blocks most pages for people over the age of age.

While it is true that this solution is very good, according to the AV-Comparaties organization, it is not the best option on the market. Unlike other years, where there is only one program in the highest position, this time there are two applications that have had the honor of becoming the best parental control apps. We are talking about Fortinet FortiClient and Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows. To obtain this certificate, both applications have managed to block at least 98% from adult websites and not show any kind of false positive.

Fortinet FortiClient

The block rate of this parental control application has reached an effectiveness of 99.1% during the tests. Within the options of this application, we can establish blocks in up to 7 categories to prevent minors from having access to adult content, related to drug use, explicit violence, extremist groups and abuse of minors, among others.

Fortinet FortiClient

Within each category there are more blocking options that allow us to release a category, but block subcategories. This application is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, and we can download the application for free with a trial period from its website.

Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows

Kaspesky’s solution to set limits on Internet access for minors has obtained a blocking rate of 98% after being analyzed with 1,000 web pages with inappropriate content for minors without showing any false positives. This application allows us to establish black and white lists, set device usage limits, perform safe searches including YouTube, and schedule device usage time.

Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows

Within the configuration options, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers us different categories with subcategories to allow access to a certain type of information while avoiding similar content. Kaspersky’s parental control solution is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android and has an annual price of 27.99 euros.

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