Minus 11, plus fix these Windows 10 problems

It is true that Microsoft has no intention of ending Windows 10, at least for now. The company’s operating system will have support until 2025. In addition, this year it will receive a new version, 21H2, which will continue to shape Microsoft’s system. However, will it be enough to end the problems that have dragged on for more than five years?

Windows 10 updates: as bad as they were at first

One of the most controversial aspects of Windows 10 has always been its updates. And not only because 10 took control away from users over them (and returned it later), but because they are very slow (They take a long time to download and install) and, in addition, they tend to give many problems.

Windows 11 updates promise to install in half the time of Windows 10, but what about Microsoft’s current system? It would not be bad to finish doing things right, improve Windows Update and make the updates, until 2025, better.

Bloatware: another problem

If you are looking to install an operating system from scratch, and customize it to your liking, forget about Windows 10. Microsoft’s operating system installs a large number of applications or programs that we do not really need. Some of these programs are from the company itself, and others are from third parties, advertising. And that’s not counting the apps that manufacturers install when we buy a new PC.

It is true that, although many of the programs could not be removed at first, now we can remove the vast majority. But it’s not enough. Users should have more control over what is installed automatically, or not, and not waste time deleting things that, from the beginning, we did not want.

Fix malfunctioning functions in Windows

Although the operating system has been around for a while, it has actually been evolving little by little and adding all kinds of functions and features. And that’s fine, if it doesn’t turn out to be because some of these functions are giving all kinds of problems. And an example of this is the new News and Interests panel.

Dropdown News Interests W10

Microsoft should think about stopping experimenting with this system, which is already in its years, and starting to debug its operation. Make everything work well, and users who decide to continue using it until its end of support can do it in the best possible way.

Or control panel, or configuration panel, but not both

Windows 8 introduced a new universal configuration panel, although it wasn’t until Windows 10 that it really became a basic Windows configuration tool. All the options, which until then were spread across different parts of the system, are now centralized in one place. The problem is that now there are many of the options distributed, since the Control Panel it is still present in the operating system.

What is much more embarrassing is that Windows 11 still has this Control Panel instead of having already grouped all the options within the Settings Panel. Something Microsoft is not doing right when a tool, dating from Windows 95, is still present and does not disappear.

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