Mistakes don’t stop the success of Jedi Survivor, why?

You don’t have to be too expert to know that, if a franchise is super-successful in theaters and raises hundreds of millions with each new installment, surely it will also be so in other fields such as video games, where fans always long for the arrival of new adventures that allow them to relive old legends. And that is the case Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

A galaxy full of banknotes

After four years of waiting and multiple delays, it finally arrived at the end of April STar Wars Jedi Survivora title that continues the story of the fugitive Jedi Cal Kestis and who, accompanied by a crew of space misfits, will try to free the Galaxy from the cruel yoke of the Galactic Empire, while trying not to be captured by the forces of evil commanded by the always sinister Darth Vader.

It’s been four long years since it came out Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and the fans of the franchise fell in love with the characters that the title presented to us and that has been noticed in this continuation, which has managed to become the best-selling game of the month of April despite having come out in circumstances that, let’s say, were very against him.

Not even failures stop the Jedi

To be precise, despite having come out on Friday, April 28, it has managed to be the best-selling game of the entire month, surpassing titles like Dead Island 2, Minecraft Legends either PGA Tourall titles that we could consider as the most anticipated for this year, which causes this feat gives even more credit to what Respawn has achieved with this second installment.

Now, surely that proximity to the end of the month has prevented players from noticing a detail that has made this title controversial, such as its poor performance on platforms such as PC or Xbox Series X, where things are still being fixed through patches that are arriving with a dropper and that, to this day, the waterways that the game had open have not yet been closed.

As we already recommended in a previous article, it looks like the best thing with the latest news is let them spend a few weeks to see how they evolve and then, when everything is corrected and the problems patched, we can already decide to buy them at a lower price and enjoy them without catastrophic failures. Although looking at the ranking of the best-selling games in the US, it seems that impatience prevails over reason itself in the case of this Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Above, at a global level it is situated as the fifth best-selling game so far this yearbehind of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Hogwarts Legacy, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and resident evil 4 Remakealthough few doubt that in a very short time he will be able to sneak into that top 3 seeing the pace he has.

And you? Have you played or have you suffered the errors of Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

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