MIUI 13: Xiaomi presents its new Android overlay, suitable for both smartphones and tablets

Xiaomi has unveiled the new version of its overlay: MIUI 13. It succeeds version 12.5 and promises to be faster, smoother, but above all more flexible. It will adapt to smartphones as well as tablets.


Xiaomi held a conference in China to present its new products, including its Xiaomi 12. The brand also took the opportunity to lift the veil on its new overlay: MIUI 13. It wants to improve the user experience by being more fluid, but also aims for a certain flexibility by adapting to tablets.

Thus, the native applications will be more fluid than on MIUI 12.5 but also more durable over time (less loss of efficiency over the months, up to 5% only over 36 months). Xiaomi also promises more efficiency in terms of security. Personal data will be better protected and facial recognition will take for example the upper body, not just the face.

MIUI 13 promises more customization

In its operation, MIUI 13 will not differ significantly from version 12.5. However, design improvements can be expected. Widgets thus take a more central place in the ecosystem. and are more customizable. They will be scalable and we will even be able to hang animated thumbnails on the desktop. Enough to fully customize your phone.


This overlay is also designed for tablet use, and the addition of larger Widgets goes in this direction. Xiaomi really wants to bet on a return of touch slates for 2022 and we notice the addition of various features designed for this format. Bulk, we have the possibility of splitting the screen in two, of making picture in picture with the videos (as Youtube does) or even overlaying applications, just to watch your chat window while playing Genshin Impact.


Finally, MIUI 13 will offer small customizable 3D avatars for its users, as Samsung or Apple is already doing. Of course, all the visuals here are in Chinese, but the overlay will be translated for international release.

MIUI 13 will of course equip the Xiaomi 12, but also all the brand’s new products which will be released in 2022. We can also hope to see the overlay land on its recent smartphones.

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