MobieTrain, the HR technology platform, expands to the Italian market

The main objective of MobieTrain is to make corporate training “at your fingertips”, but above all make it effective, light and fun. The Belgian IT HR company, after having successfully brought its services to Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain, has just announced its expansion into the Italian market.

The company, with more than 100,000 users, 70 clients and which registered in 2021 250% growthdevelops a technology that, in addition to being based on a completely mobile-first, It has, thanks to the use of gamification, a very intuitive and simple design.

The expansion of MobieTrain to Italy, after only four months in the Spanish market, shows that in recent years the transformation of the work environment has highlighted lack of training and education of many companies. As a consequence of the decisive acceleration of the digitization process, which is already underway in many sectors, many companies are looking for new learning tools. This is intended to facilitate the transition to a new business dynamic, but also to better prepare its employees for the upcoming market challenges.

Five minutes a day of training, why does it work?

The platform is based on the concept of microlearning: Training content pills that offer just the right amount of information to help employees achieve a specific goal efficiently and quickly. Thus, companies can offer their employees mobile training, a tool that we use continuously, of only 5 minutes a day. This not only improves engagement and prevents information overload, but also improves the quality of learning. In addition, thanks to the algorithm used to determine XP-points (experience points), MobieTrain encourages users to move forward in their learning journey and achieve their results.

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This method is very effective as it allows the employee to retain information 50% longer and feel 4 times more engaged compared to traditional methods. This is possible thanks to a combination of elements that make up the MobieTrain platform: from the delivery of mobile-first, micro-learning focused content, with built-in gamification and retention techniques, to an accessible UX/UI with quizzes and news and poll functionality, through to easy integration with other systems and support services with high-quality content and engagement.

«One of the triggers of the phenomenon of the ‘Great Resignation’ is, without a doubt, the lack of commitment of the employees and this is directly related to the Learning and Development strategies within the companies», says Nouri Zouaghi, Director of Business Development and Head of Expansion at MobieTrain. «With MobieTrain we help companies to easily create their own learning paths and to train their employees in a simple and effective way. This leads to increased performance, productivity and engagement, and helps promote the professional development of employees, allowing them to expand their knowledge through content that is fun and light-hearted, but no less impactful or effective. An essential aspect for today’s companies.

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