4 Best Mobile Codes To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Someone spy on us? How can we trust governments, multinationals, or even those people that we know are watching and monitoring us? Therefore, we have this guide, where we discussed different codes to find your phone has been hacked, tapped or anything like that is being happened.

Today our phones are part of us and with them, we carry out a large part of our daily activities. That is why it is very important to ensure that there is no one spying on us so that we can use our cell phone to be calm.

1. Code *#06# to see the IMEI and check if they spy on you

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The IMEI is the only one that identifies our phone and it is a code that provides us with a lot of information, as well as being valuable on countless occasions. Therefore, the first code that we have to know is the one corresponding to the IMEI.

In addition to being crucial if we want to block the device, the IMEI will give us clues as to whether we are suffering some kind of surveillance or intervention. The reason for this is that now spies and agencies do not tap into phone numbers as often, but instead attack the devices directly. Hence the IMEI is essential.

To get the IMEI we will have to mark the following code: * #06#. And we cannot trust ourselves to mark it once and see that it is “clean”, but if in the future we suspect again that we may be undergoing an intervention we should check it again. You never know when our suspicions may be hitting the spot.

When we have the IMEI on the screen we will have to look at their numbers. We can check, first, that it is the IMEI that corresponds to us, comparing it with the one that appears on the phone box or on the purchase invoice.

In any case, this step is a mere procedure, since if it does not coincide in a general way it will mean that it may have been changed (if we have bought it second hand) or that there has been an error on the part of the manufacturer in the printing from the box. What we have to look at to know if they spy on us is in the figures at the end.

Let’s look and if we see that at the end of the number there are a total of two zeros, this will mean that there is someone listening to us. Typically only large government security specialist organizations can do this, so there may be a reason for them to do so.

If instead of two zeros what we have are three zeros, it will mean that they not only listen to us but also have access to all the photos we have, the files, the messages and the call log.

Is the IMEI compromised? To forget about surveillance we can change the SIM card to another cell phone or change the IMEI for a new or old one that we do not use.

2. Code *#21# to know if calls are diverted

If someone is spying on us, they may have decided to take the liberty of diverting certain calls or perhaps specific times of the day.

The way to discover if something is happening that we are not aware of is by dialing the code * #21#. It will inform us that there is a configured diversion that will not only be appropriating calls but also data, files, and messages.

3. Code *#62# to know who watches us

If we mark the code *#62# we will be able to know if under the previous circumstance what number is the one that is appropriating what belongs to us. Who is spying on us? This dialing will tell us what the number is and we can use this information to file a complaint at the police station or try to find out more about what is happening.

The only legal possibility that there is a call diversion is because we have configured it ourselves with, for example, the voicemail provided by our operator.

4. Code ##002# to deactivate call forwarding

And finally, what we have to do is mark the ## 002 # code. With this, what we will be achieving is deactivating any call forwarding that may have been configured, both on our part and in an unauthorized and illegal way.

It will be the best way for us to remain calm knowing that there will be no one who can appropriate our photos or files and that above all we know that whatever happens, no one will listen to our conversations, something that always worries all citizens.

These are the main codes to check if your cell phone is being tapped. This way, you can always keep yourself away from fraud and scam. We know that technology is good, but these days, there are many people who use it against humanity. Therefore, you should keep yourself aware and secure!

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