Mobile phone plan. For €4.99 per month, this offer is mind-blowing (-75%)

Do you want to start the year off right with an ultra-complete low-cost mobile plan? We’ve unearthed a nugget for you, but beware: it already ends on Tuesday evening.

For a year now, the cost of a mobile plan has increased significantly. You have to know how to be very patient to fall at the right time and in the right place to make a real deal. This weekend, we can guarantee you that we have found the best offer in 2022.

Are you looking for a flexible, non-binding mobile plan with maximum data and a low price? We found the solution: we have to turn to MVNO Prixtel, which uses the SFR network. With him, you will be able to take advantage of a flexible plan that starts at €4.99 per month for 40 GB. There are levels that allow you to go even further, we will explain everything to you.

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A mobile plan with tiers

Your mobile plan is most likely rigid with the following structure: a volume of calls, SMS and data for a given price per month. If you use less than what is given to you, it does not change anything and you pay full price. If you fall into the non-package, the operator will not miss you and the bill will be salty. In short, zero room for flexibility.

At Prixtel, the mobile plan has a completely different appearance. By default, it includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It is therefore just the volume of data that you will use over the month that will define the price. There is a system of data levels which are each associated with a price. In the “Le petit” package, the smallest level is 40 GB and is priced at 4.99 euros per month.

This means that the minimum you will pay each month with this mobile plan is 4.99 euros: you can therefore use 40 GB over this period. But if you have an additional need, Prixtel gives you flexibility. For example, you will be able to go up to 50 GB for 7.99 euros or 60 GB for 9.99 euros per month. Each month, the MVNO will look at where you are and bill you according to your actual usage.

See the Prixtel offer

With this mechanism, Prixtel offers you the perfect 3-in-1 mobile plan. Whatever level of data you are on, this is the best price on the market right now. It is therefore in your best interest to take advantage of this special offer which ends on Tuesday. In any case, your subscription is without any commitment, the operator leaves you perfectly free.

Prixtel package
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Two other more complete packages

For the majority of French people, the Le petit mobile plan detailed above will be sufficient. Now if you want to think long term with the explosion of mobile data usage, you might have to turn to one of the two more generous data plans. There is The Big and The Giant which have very similar characteristics to the previous ones – except that the levels vary.

For example, the Le grand package comes with a first level of 100 GB for 6.99 euros per month. This is the minimum you will pay with this formula. Then there are two other upper tiers: 120 GB for 9.99 euros or 140 GB for 12.99 euros. Once again, it’s up to you to compare with the competition: no one comes close to Prixtel on prices.

The third and last mobile plan once again follows the same structure. By default, it gives you 200 GB for 9.99 euros per month. Then there is a level at 230 GB for 12.99 euros or even 240 GB at 15.99 euros per month. We invite you to compare the other players, Prixtel is unbeatable. To give you just one example, RED by SFR offers 40 GB for 10 euros per month, or 5x less than Prixtel.

To discover the range with the three packages, it’s here:

See the Prixtel offer

Prixtel, a safe bet

Clearly, Le Grand and Le Géant mobile plans are exceptional on price. If you were hesitating to change your offer, now is the time to do it. From a value for money point of view, you can’t ask for better. Whether it’s 40 GB for 4.99 euros or 200 GB for 9.99 euros, we haven’t seen that on the market for a long time.

But besides the price, the MVNO is also a reliable player on everything else. It offers you a quality network (SFR), a customer service that is just as good and above all a range of subscriptions that are carbon neutral. Prixtel offsets all of its customers’ emissions by collaborating with partners to plant trees. It is the only telecom operator to do so in France.

If you are ready to change operator to switch to one of these low-cost subscriptions at Prixtel, nothing could be simpler. Simply complete the online form and obtain your RIO code (by calling 3179). Everything is done in a few clicks and the transition is smooth and seamless. Of course, the whole procedure is free and it will allow you to keep your current telephone number. What more ?

To discover this package, it’s here:

See the Prixtel offer

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