Mobile plan: take advantage of 80 GB for €9.99 on the Orange network

Lebara is launching an 80 GB package at €9.99/30 days. Without commitment, without time limit, without contract and prepaid, this offer has solid arguments to attract customers looking for real freedom in the management of their mobile plan. The offer is to be seized before June 26, 2022!

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Lebara lowers the price of its 80 GB plan – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The classic mobile plan is not necessarily suitable for everyone. With the documents to complete, the duration of the commitment to respect, the monthly direct debits and the risk of not being included in the plan, we sometimes feel lost and imprisoned. At the moment, Lebara’s prepaid plan remains the best option to free yourself from all these constraints. Compared to other mobile offers on the market, it promises greater freedom and its characteristics are a bit particular.

The Lebara prepaid plan: the best alternative to traditional mobile plans

First, a Lebara mobile plan does not require a contract. To use it, simply order the SIM card on the operator’s website and insert it into your phone, it will be immediately functional. In this regard, it is also interesting to know that the Lebara SIM card is free. Same for delivery. No fees will be charged. However, the MVNO offers you a bonus of 2 GB of data for your first month.

For the payment of Lebara products and services, it will also not be necessary to provide your RIB. To make things easier, Lebara accepts payment via PayPal, credit card or prepaid bank card.

The renewal of the offer is also automatic every 30 days. If you wish not to renew, simply deactivate. Otherwise, recharging can also be done with unit credit available at the 10,000 Lebara points of sale in France.

Another interesting detail, the Lebara prepaid plan is flexible and very easy to use. Depending on your needs at the time, it is possible to put the package on hold, stop it or terminate it definitively. All this is done from the Lebara application or from your online customer area.

Finally, Lebara’s prepaid package avoids the out-of-package. No more hidden fees. No plan overrun will be possible since you consume what you have already paid.

Good Lebara plan: 80 GB package at €9.99/30 days on the Orange network

The Lebara prepaid package gives you almost total freedom in managing your mobile offer. Not expensive, it also allows you to save money.

With its current promotion, Lebara offers you the possibility of subscribing to an 80 GB package for €9.99/30 days. Already attractive, this promotional rate is also not subject to a duration condition. Even after one year, the offer will be priced at the same price.

On the content side, this non-binding package from Lebara is also complete and interesting. In addition to the 80 GB of mobile data offered, it also includes unlimited calls and texts in France. For a call, you can stay on the phone for up to 2 hours without interruption. In addition, you can call and send SMS to up to 99 different recipients over the duration of the plan, that is to say 30 days.

Finally, note that Lebara operates on the Orange mobile network. By subscribing to this 80 GB plan, you benefit from the best French mobile network with 99% coverage of the territory and an average speed of 110 Mbit/s in 4G.

A 130 GB package at €12.99/30 days: the good Lebara plan for large consumers

For its current promotion and valid until June 25, 2022, Lebara has not forgotten the heavy consumers of mobile internet. Alongside its 80 GB package at €9.99, the MVNO offers another good mobile package plan containing a more generous data envelope and displayed at such an attractive price: 130 GB at €12.99/30 days.

Without commitment and without time limit, this package is also prepaid. It is perfect for people addicted to Netflix, YouTube or other streaming platforms or games. In addition to the 130 GB internet envelope, this offer also includes unlimited calls and SMS in France.

What you must remember :

  • 80 GB package at €9.99/30 days even after the first year;
  • Prepaid mobile plan, without commitment and without duration condition;
  • Orange mobile network;
  • Offer valid until June 25, 2022.

This article was written in partnership with Lebara.

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