Mobile plans: the best deals during the 2022 summer sales

Sales periods are always the best times to subscribe to a cheaper mobile plan. Most operators take the opportunity to offer subscriptions much more interesting than the rest of the year. So why not enjoy it ?

If you have a non-binding mobile telephone subscription or you have reached the end of this commitment, you can take advantage of the summer sales to change your mobile plan and thus save money each month and/or take advantage of a better package with a more substantial internet envelope. In this article, we have grouped the best mobile plans on sale.

Mobile plan: the best offers during the sales

There are also interesting offers from MVNOs, mobile virtual network operators. These operators use the networks deployed by the 4 main mobile operators.

Orange package: 80 GB at 9.99 euros per month

Orange mobile plan

To start our selection, let’s take a look at the historic telephone operator: Orange.

To celebrate summer 2022, Orange is offering a no-commitment package at a reduced price. For only 9.99 euros per month for 12 months (instead of 14.99 euros usually) then 29.99 euros per month, this Orange plan has 80 GB of data in 4G (reduced flow beyond). This 80 GB envelope can also be used in its fully in Europe + Switzerland/Andorra and in the overseas departments. You also benefit from telephone calls and Unlimited SMS/MMS.

This package discounted at 70% for one year is obtained by clicking on the button below then by filling in the promotional code ETE22 in the space provided for this purpose at the time of subscription to the package. This offer is valid until June 30, 2022.

Auchan Telecom package: 70 GB at 6.99 euros per month

Auchan Telecom package

Auchan Telecom is the leading alternative telephone operator in France. They use Bouygues Telecom’s mobile network. Until June 28, 2022Auchan Telecom offers 2 mobile plans discounted in limited and non-binding series. These are 4G packages. In both packages, calls and SMS/MMS are unlimited. The first package offers an internet envelope 70 GB for 6.99 euros per monthwith 12 GB included from Europe and the French overseas departments. The second package goes to 100 GB of internet per month for 8.99 euroswith 13 GB usable in Europe and overseas departments.

Cdiscount Mobile package: 70 GB at 6.99 euros per month

Cdiscount Mobile plan

The famous French e-commerce site is also a virtual mobile network operator using the Bouygues Telecom network. For its part, it offers 3 4G mobile plans without promotional commitment. These plans are available until June 28, 2022. All plans offer the Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS. For the first subscription on sale, we have 70 GB of 4G mobile internet for 6.99 euros per month (with 9 GB in EU and DOM). The second goes to 100 GB of 4G internet for 8.99 euros per month (13 GB in EU/DOM). Finally, the third offers a more substantial envelope of 140 GB of 4G internet for 10.99 euros per month (including 15 GB in EU and DOM)

NRJ Mobile package: 80 GB at 7.99 euros per month

NRJ Mobile plan

To complete this selection of tempting offers, the operator NRJ Mobile also offers 2 4G packages without commitment at discounted prices until June 28, 2022. As with all the other packages presented in this article, calls and SMS/MMS are unlimited. Only the data envelope in France and abroad changes. The first offer has 80 GB of 4G internet (12 GB EU/DOM) for 7.99 euros per month. The second gives access to 130 GB of 4G data (14 GB EU/DOM) for only 9.99 euros per month. NRJ Mobile uses the Bouygues Telecom network.

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