Mobileye at CES 2022: A Look at What’s New

Another of the great protagonists of this year’s CES has been Mobileye, a company that, as many of our readers will know, is owned by Intel, and is primarily engaged in the development of advanced technologies and systems related to the autonomous driving, and with the assistance and help of the driver.

During its participation in CES in 2022, Mobileye made three key announcements that we cannot overlook, as these have marked a major turning point in the field of autonomous driving. First of all we have the announcement of the collaboration with Zeekr, an agreement whose main objective is to facilitate the development of a new fully electronic car, aimed at the general consumer market, which will offer Level 4 autonomous driving.

That a car has a level 4 of autonomous driving means that it drives fully automatically, and that does not need human intervention at any timeNot even when a failure occurs in the system, since it will have a backup that will allow it to continue operating autonomously.

On the other hand, Mobileye has also confirmed that the main car manufacturers are betting on their technologies. Companies like Volkswagen Group and Ford they will continue to use their mapping and driver assistance solutions, as well as their autonomous driving systems. It should be remembered that when we talk about the Volkswagen Group, we are referring to the entire conglomerate of brands behind it, and this includes brands as popular in our country as SEAT, for example. You have more information on this link.

The third announcement is undoubtedly one of the most interesting from a technological point of view, and that is that Mobileye has announced EyeQ Ultra, an autonomous driving solution integrated in an SoC that has become the most advanced in the company, and that is capable of reaching a power of 176 TOPs maintaining a high degree of efficiency. It will be manufactured in the 5nm process, is ready to offer level 4 autonomous driving and the first unit is expected to be manufactured in 2023. However, its general availability will not be produced until 2025.

With the EyeQ Ultra, Mobileye has also been able to maintain very low production costs, which should translate into price content. This is very important in order to democratize the most advanced autonomous driving technologies, as price can act as a barrier that limits access for many consumers.


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