Modder community makes AMD FSR work on SteamVR and Vulkan

The Vulkan mod has been built by Georg Lehmann, and works on both the dxvk shader and Steam’s Proton layer by installing FSR in FSHack, a technology that allows lower resolutions in-game without changing the monitor’s native resolution. For its part, the implementation of AMF FSR in SteamVR has been achieved by Frydrych Holger in a much easier way, since all that is necessary for it to work is to download a modified dll file and copy it directly to the installation directory of the application .

AMD FSR now available on SteamVR and Vulkan thanks to some mods

The FSR-enabling mod for Vulkan allows AMD’s FidelityFS Super Resolution technology to be used in virtually any game that supports the Vulkan graphics API, and also provides much more precise control than direct AMD implementations. We can choose any base resolution from which we want to improve the scale and choose a sharpness value to our liking: 0 (zero) is the maximum sharpness and any higher number will result in a lower sharpness in the game, take that into account if you think use it.

However, there are some drawbacks that can make adding AMD FSR to Vulkan a headache, some of which include autoscalers that do not work with FSR at all, while patch set installation may already be difficult. an odyssey in itself.

As for the SteamVR implementation, as we have mentioned before, things are much simpler since you only have to copy a .dll file directly into the game installation to make AMD FSR work. In addition, the implementation for practical purposes is the same as for Vulkan and that means that users can change the resolutions specifically and change the sharpness at will to adjust the graphic quality with the performance to their liking.


The modding community has shown us how powerful the open source nature of AMD FSR can be, making it easy to integrate into any game you want. Hopefully this should greatly accelerate the adoption rate of gaming technology to give NVIDIA DLSS some additional competition, and that is if a couple of power users have already accomplished this, imagine what a team of professional developers.

If you intend to test these mods that enable FidelityFX Super Resolution both in the Vulkan graphical API and in SteamVR you have the links to both below, but from now on we warn you that the implementation in Vulkan is quite complicated because it involves quite a tedious work simply to make it work.

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